Fighter Movie Collection: Fighter Struggles to Take Flight at the Box Office

 Fighter Movie Collection: Fighter Struggles to Take Flight at the Box Office

The highly anticipated aerial action drama Fighter, starring Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone, hit theaters on January 25th but has since struggled to gain altitude at the box office. With a massive reported budget of Rs 250 crores, the film needs to soar much higher to be considered a success.

Decent Opening Weekend

Fighter opened decently with Rs 22.5 crores on its first day, jumping up to Rs 39.5 crores on Republic Day. The first weekend brought in a respectable Rs 84 crores. However, collections dropped sharply by Monday to just Rs 8 crores, signaling troubling signs.

First Week Total Below Expectations

At the end of its first week, Fighter had earned Rs 146.5 crores domestically. The film did see an uptick on its second Saturday to Rs 10 crores, marking an 80% increase from the previous day’s earning of Rs 5.75 crores. But the current total stands at Rs 162.75 crores in India, far below what is needed to cover its costs.

Globally, the film has fared slightly better, crossing Rs 260 crores worldwide according to the makers. But with such a massive budget, these figures still appear underwhelming.

High Expectations

Fighter was helmed by acclaimed director Siddharth Anand, who delivered blockbusters Bang Bang and War with Hrithik. Given their successful track record, expectations were sky-high for this aerial extravaganza to soar.

Siddharth’s last film Pathaan with Shah Rukh Khan was a monster success, earning over Rs 500 crores in India. In contrast, Fighter’s subdued performance seems disappointing.

Possible Reasons for Low Turnout

Audiences have appreciated the jaw-dropping aerial visuals and Hrithik’s action chops. But critics felt the plot failed to match the scale of the film. The niche genre with no familiarity for Indian viewers may have also made it tougher for Fighter to find its wings commercially.

Reports indicate that the aerial action sequences were challenging, with motion sickness being a major issue. This may have limited the film’s appeal. The lack of songs and romance, staples in Hrithik’s hits, also didn’t help bring in viewers.

Can Fighter Still Soar?

There are still a few weeks left for Fighter to try and rise higher at the box office. But the film will need strong legs in the coming days to come anywhere close to covering its massive budget.

It remains to be seen whether Fighter can eventually climb into hit status or goes down as an ambitious misfire. Hrithik and Deepika’s star power may continue attracting moviegoers. However, stellar word of mouth and repeat viewings will be critical for the film to successfully take flight in the long run.

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