Bigg Boss 17 Latest Written Updates – News Mint

 Bigg Boss 17 Latest Written Updates – News Mint

Big Boss Season 17 2023 updates –

Bigg Boss 17 – India’s most loved reality show Bigg Boss is giving very strong reasons to all viewers. Well, as you all know the makers of the show never leave any stone unturned to grip the audience, keeping the legacy continue the 17th season of Bigg Boss is continue to entertain the viewers. The Indian-Hindi language reality television show BB17 also known as Bigg Boss 17: Dil, Dimaag aur Dum, is turning interesting even more entertaining. The show has completed a total of 14 episodes and 2 housemates have left the house.

Well, Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain came up as two of the strongest contestants on Bigg Boss 17. While fans are praising Ankita for her mature outlook and bold personality, netizens are dubbing Vicky as “the mastermind” of this season. The couple has captured the hearts of Bigg Boss viewers ever since the 17th season kicked off. However, it appears that Ankita and Vicky have gotten themselves into a troublesome situation, and they might even face eviction from the house.

BB17 Theme & Housemates

Big Boss Contestants list season 17 - newsmint.inBig Boss Contestants list season 17 -
Big Boss Contestants list season 17 –

However, there is no doubt that the makers of the show have been making the show more interesting from the very first day. With each season the house of Bigg Boss is becoming more captivating. As makers always make the show eye-catching by putting alluring themes and concepts, the same thing happened in the 17th season. Additionally, if we talk about the contestants then here is the list below that you can check.

  1. Abhishek
  2. Aishwarya
  3. Ankita
  4. Anurag
  5. Arun
  6. Isha
  7. Jigna
  8. Khanzaadi
  9. Manasvi
  10. Mannara
  11. Munawar
  12. Navid
  13. Neil
  14. Rinku
  15. Samarth
  16. Sana
  17. Sunny
  18. Vicky
  19. Soniya

If we talk about the theme then the concept of Bigg Boss 17 is titled “Dil, Dimaag, and Dum”. Under this theme, all of the contestants are equally divided into 3 different groups: “Dil” (Heart), “Dimaag” (Mind), and “Dum” (Strength). The housemates can choose to utilize any of the three approaches. Bigg Boss will participate in the game, forming alliances and showing favoritism.

Bigg Boss 17 Latest Episode Written Update

In a new promo for tonight’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan directly confronts Vicky Jain regarding his secret phone call with co-contestant Neil Bhat before entering the show. Salman poses a question to the contestants, “The contracts that you all signed clearly outlined the terms and conditions of this show. How many of you have adhered to the contract’s terms? Who had conversations with whom before stepping into the house?” In response, Vicky states, “Sir, I spoke to Neil two days before entering the show.”

Salman turns to Ankita and inquires, “Ankita, were you aware of Vicky’s conversation with Neil?” The Pavitra Rishta actress replies, “Sir, I learned about it later.” Salman then asks Sana Raees Khan to clarify the implications, to which she explains, “Viacom holds the authority to either expel them from the show or cease their further participation.” This news comes as a shock to Ankita and Vicky’s fans, and only time will reveal whether the producers will decide to eliminate the couple. Follow us for more BB17’s latest episodes’ written update.


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