The dog snatcher: Zomato delivery man kidnaps pet dog from customer’s house

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  1. A Zomato Delivery executive kidnapped a pet dog from a couple’s house when he went to deliver the food.
  2. The pet beagle went missing on Monday, 7th October 2019, in the afternoon from Karve Road, Pune.
  3. The couple went to the police to search for the dog and even questioned a few Zomato delivery men, who recognized the pet.
  4. They said that a Delivery executive had the same dog in his possession earlier.
  5. When the delivery executive was tracked down, he made excuses about the dog’s disappearance and evaded their calls.
  6. Zomato replied to the couple, assuring them that they will look into the matter.

On the 7th of October 2019, Monday in the afternoon, a Zomato delivery executive, kidnapped a pet beagle from customers home in Karve Road, Pune. When the delivery man came to drop off the food, he walked away with the couple’s pet and the dog hasn’t been found since.

The dog was last seen playing around in the building premises. The couple, on learning about his disappearance, searched around the neighborhood and informed the police. Finally, they came across some Delivery men from Zomato, who recognized the picture of the dog. According to them, one of their colleagues had such a dog in his possession before.

The owners finally were able to access a picture of their dog with the delivery man,m and recognized them as the same one who came to deliver their food. They tracked down his number which was unresponsive for quite some time.

When they caught hold of the man, he started making excuses and stated that the pet had been sent to his village. He evaded all their questions and later stopped replying to any communication made by them. Following the incident, the couple reported the Valet to the company asking for quick action. Zomato replied back to the whole ordeal,

That’s totally not acceptable. please help us with your contact details or the order details via DM and someone from our team will reach out to you at the earliest”

It was further revealed that despite promises, the police weren’t of much help.

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