Watch: Poonam Pandey’s Latest Video In Black Bralette! Breaks The Internet

 Watch: Poonam Pandey’s Latest Video In Black Bralette! Breaks The Internet

Viral Video: There can be days when you will not find any news which is interesting enough but there can not be a single day when B-town’s girls are not in the headlines. Now, as you all know that Bollywood queens such as Poonam Pandey, Rakhi Sawant, Urfi Javed, and some other faces never leave any stone unturned to entertain their fans and give headlines to the newspapers and the same thing happened recently when the bold actress Poonam Pandey dropped some of her jaw-dropping images on social media followed by which her name is in the search box.

Watch: Poonam Pandey's Latest Video In Black Bralette! Breaks The Internet

Now, if you are one of the netizens then you be in the swim about her looks and all the deeds that she often does. From making her own app to creating headlines on her own the lady has done some mind-blowing work for her fans. The social media sensation and actress Poonam Pandey has made a separate fan base among people by entertaining them by sharing some jaw-dropping features. You must be thinking that why we are talking about her. So, we would like to tell you that the internet sensation Poonam Pandey recently shared a video on her official Instagram after which her name again caught hype and can be heard from so many people.

Poonam Pandey’s Latest Video

So, if you are searching for today’s hot news then you must get her name on the list. Actually, the 31-year-old beauty shared a bold sultry video in a revealing dress on her official Instagram account. As soon as she dropped the video online it started creating a buzz online. If we talk about the video then in the viral clip you can see the actress flaunting her super bold avatar with her hourglass figure as usual. You will see her grooving to an English song and posing for the camera. Pandey can be seen wearing an ornamented black bralette paired with neon pink pants in the clip alongside putting on some accessories. Beneath the clip, she wrote Give Me More Baby…! alongside a freaky emoji.


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Now, the amazing thing is, the actress has both haters and lovers and as soon as the video was dropped on social media some people came up criticizing her while others praised her beauty and hot moves. The video has been played more than 207k times with 23.8k likes. However, before the dancing clip shared another video in the same outfit which has crossed more than 440k views along with 43.4k+ likes. So, as per this, you can assume how crazy people are for her.

Why Is Poonam Pandey So Famous?

Well, this is one of the questions that has been asked several times and people still search for the same whenever they hear about her. So, it is a universal truth behind her immense popularity. According to the reports, Poonam Pandey is an Indian model and film actress who is mainly known for her bold appearances in a number of movies and on social media as well. Despite being a celebrity if we talk about the boost in her stardom when people started to notice her, the year 2011 when the girl promised to strip for the Indian cricket team if they won the Cricket World Cup.

Despite the team’s victory, she did not follow through on her promise. Pandey has since appeared in several Bollywood films and has a significant presence on social media platforms such as Instagram. So, as per this, you can assume about her popularity because it has been more than a decade since she started making headlines and even in an interview she accepted the truth that she creates controversies just to be in the limelight. If you have not watched her viral videos then you should go the internet where you will get all of her videos.


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