Viral Video: Kolkata Man Balancing Planks On Head While Riding The Bicycle!

 Viral Video: Kolkata Man Balancing Planks On Head While Riding The Bicycle!

Compulsion doesn’t stay the same when hunger turns it fun! Well, you must have watched once in your life when people do perform stunts for money and it turns out to be their profession. However, every skill is amazing in itself but very few videos go viral on the internet and the person who does and gets recorded becomes the talk of the town overnight, all thanks to the internet that now people do like to share whatever they watched, the same thing happened recently in Kolkata. So, if you are among the netizens then you must have watched a video in which a man is seen holding planks while riding a cycle.

Viral Video: Kolkata Man Balancing Planks On Head While Riding The Bicycle!

Well, you must be wondering what is special about riding a cycle and balancing something. Well, if yes then we would like to let you know that recently a video dropped on the internet where a man is seen holding planks while being on a running bicycle. Coming to the intestine thing about the video, it went viral because the man is holding planks but not holding the handle of his cycle. Another reason that why this is trending is, freeing hands while riding can be fun for showing off but when responsibilities hold a person has to free his or her hands from a certain thing. 

Viral Video: Kolkata Man Balancing Planks On Head

On the internet, you may find thousands of videos that are trending without any certain reason but few of them catch the audience and become the hot potato. The same thing happened in Kolkata when a clip of a man balancing planks while riding a bicycle was shared by IPS officer Arif Shaikh on his Twitter account. The short clip has been shared multiple times and crossed more than 8 lakh views. The more interesting thing about the clip is, the man who is riding the bicycle is not doing this for fun on the free road but he is doing this on a quite busy street in Kolkata. Sharing the clip IPS Arif Shaikh captioned in Hindi that reads “all it needs a confidence like this man is having”. Here you can watch the clip as well.

While some people are getting fame by doing their jobs, on the other side there are a lot of people who have different beliefs about the word called “entertainment”. Apart from that, before this cycle man, a Zomato delivery guy went viral who used to deliver orders by running and when it was asked him why he is running? He replied something that brought the boy into the limelight. However, today another video went viral where internet sensation Ranu Mondal is seen singing another song, and netizens congratulated her for killing the real essence of the song. Hit the comment box and share your thoughts on Kolkata Man Viral Video. Stay tuned with us to get more updates on all trending and viral videos across the nation.


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