Female Monkey Risks Life To Save Her Baby From Dogs In River! Watch Video

 Female Monkey Risks Life To Save Her Baby From Dogs In River! Watch Video

On the internet, we daily scroll through thousands of posts and share hundreds of them. However, sometimes we find something very interesting while sometimes such posts wrench our hearts. But recently, a video went viral on social media where a female monkey saw struggling on a boat amid the river, in the video, it can be seen how 2 dogs encircled her and tried to snatch her baby monkey. But she somehow manages to keep the baby safe along with herself too. The clip-on twitter can easily melt your heart. Netizens are commenting “this is how a mother fights with everything to keep her child safe and away from all evils”.

monkey vs dogs in the boat river video viral hd monkey saving her baby from dogs in the river

Well, it is a universal fact that on the internet you will find millions of wise and so-called wise people. However, every time they criticize but the time they actually talk about what is right and what should have been done except recording the scenario. The same thing was seen in the video, which became the talk of the town, and that too in just a few hours. Actually, the video was shared online on a Twitter account named Adv Nazneen Akhtar on Tuesday. She shared the clip captioning “#Mother is a mother and she tried every possible way to save her children from these dogs”. Although, the video is now getting enormous responses across the globe, but in the comments, not everyone is happy with the video.

Monkey Saving Her Baby From Dogs In The River Video

However, a number of netizens liked the video and praised a mother’s love for her child. Meanwhile, some netizens are lashing out at the person who filmed the entire scene and uploaded it on social media. Talking about the comments so this is how people are slamming the man, who recorded the video. While plenty of users write and praise a mother’s love. Some other users wrote valid comments as well. One of the users commented, “But brother, the man who is making this video is the worst person in my eyes”. Another user wrote, “If you would have awakened the person who made the video, then your duty as a human being would have been fulfilled”. One user also wrote, “The monkey has fulfilled the duty of being a mother, but the person who took this video did not fulfill the duty of being a human”.

Well, apart from this if you are one of the true netizens then you must have heard about the Dogs Vs Monkeys’ clash where these two animals started taking revenge on each other. The fight became the most searched and talked about thing on the internet with millions of views. According to the reports, a bunch of dogs killed a baby monkey followed by which all the monkeys came onto the roads and started taking revenge on the dogs. The incident was also named as Monkey Vs Dogs gang war, the war resulted in so many deaths of both groups of animals, but somewhere Dogs suffered a heavy loss of lives. Both of the videos are available on the internet so you can watch them. Stay tuned with us to read more trending news and videos.


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