Twitter’s Laid-Off Emp Alphonzo Phonz Terrell and DeVaris Brown Making Own App

 Twitter’s Laid-Off Emp Alphonzo Phonz Terrell and DeVaris Brown Making Own App

Since Elon Musk took over, Twitter has made many changes in its policy and fired thousands of employees. But you must have heard that experience never fails and it can take revenge, well, the word revenge is not exactly what you got in your mind but, as per the reports, Elon Musk recently laid-off two more employees, and those two have stated, they are soon to launch an alternative of Twitter called ‘Spill’. Now, on the internet this news has become a hot potato, you all must be keen to know about the app so, here you can read about the exclusive information that recently rolled out.

Who Is Alphonzo Phonz Terrell and DeVaris Brown? Developers To Make Own App

However, if you look then you will find hundreds of alternatives to Twitter available on the app store or play store, but all of them are quite un-trustable. But what if someone who has immense experience at Twitter they are making up their mind to bring something like Twitter, then? Now, that Musk has brought changes to the app, users are also getting fed up with the same and are looking for alternatives, the only thing that users still stick to the app is, they have not found anything better than Twitter. Although, as soon as there will be a better alternative, people won’t think for a second to switch from the application.

What Is Twitter Alternative ‘Spill’?

Now, as the news is surfacing on the web therefore thousands of people are searching for this word. So, according to the reports, two employees that got fired from Twitter Elon Musk named Alphonzo Phonz Terrell and DeVaris Brown decided to bring something that will result in a heavy loss to Twitter. These both names were already on the list of employees whom Elon decided to lay off. Since they got sacked from the company, they started working on their own application which is now touted as twitter’s alternative. Both of the employees are now all set to bring the application to the market. In one of their statements, they said that the app is intended to be “a real-time conversational platform that puts culture first”. The platform, the founders revealed, will launch in the month of January.

Who Is Alphonzo Phonz Terrell & DeVaris Brown?

Both of the employees were working at Twitter for a very long time where Alphonzo Phonz Terrell served as Twitter’s global head of social and editorial until he was laid off alongside thousands of others by the new boss. While DeVaris Brown worked as a product manager lead at Twitter with his primary focus on machine learning. However, DeVaris Brown was fired from the company in the mass layoffs and since then he was working on the application’s development, later Alphonzo Phonz Terrell met in the plan and they worked together.

Terrell wrote in his post, “While Spill is for everybody, we are taking special care of culture drivers who regularly set new precedents yet regularly get neglected and under-redressed”. Finishing the post he expressed, “Indeed, we mean Dark makers, Eccentric makers, and various persuasive voices outside the U.S”. So, now, seeing this is going to be an amazing thing who will win the market, Musk’s Twitter 2.0 or Twitter’s ex-employees app called Spill. Stay tuned to read more informative news.


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