WhatsApp Down In India: What Happened To Whatsapp? Memes & People Reaction

 WhatsApp Down In India: What Happened To Whatsapp? Memes & People Reaction

Whatsapp Down: In today’s modern era where technology has shortened distance, people do share their feelings through social media apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and so on. But what if this service gets down? Well, this is what people globally are going through. Globally, people started searching on the internet for social media messenger which we all know as Whats App. A considerable number of questions began being asked such as, what happened to Whats App? Is wp not working? and so on. Well, if you are among those, searching for the same then, be here till the end because here we are talking about the latest update on social media messenger called Whats’ app. 

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WhatsApp was recently found not working or better say down today for millions of users who were left unable to send or receive messages on the app. However, later after 1 hour, the app started working again but as time was going on, millions of people got panicked thinking about what happened to the app. Well, it is not a new thing that happened but since Mark Zuckerberg has taken over the services, it is not working properly. From Instagram to Whatsapp everything gets down and does not work. For example, prior to WhatsApp, we found, or better say we are facing issues with Instagram where we are unable to load out sent photos and videos from our gallery to the friend.

Why Whatsapp is not working?

So, although, it is working now after a long period the main thing, or better say the question that is being asked is, what happened to WhatsApp why it is not working properly? So, according to the reports, Meta was working on the application to bring some changes to keeping privacy in their sight. In an interview one of the spokespeople for Meta said: “We’re aware that some people are currently having trouble sending messages and we’re working to restore WhatsApp for everyone as quickly as possible”.


One of the most noted online tools Down Detector started noticing unusually high “problem reports” at 12.07 pm and had listed thousands of such reports by 1 pm in India, WhatsApp’s biggest market by the user base. As soon as the news started spreading it created a buzz as almost every 2nd news channel was talking about the same. While, some people were saying that whatsapp has been hacked and is brining a risk of social security. However, it was resolved around 2:30 PM.

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Instagram Accounts Glitch!

As you all know that Instagram and Whatsapp both have been taken over by Meta previously known as Facebook. Although, Meta has done this several times when they say that “we were working on a fix in the applications therefore we did it”. But who knows if the company is hiding anything behind this such as they have lack of storage or anything because in Instagram we are facing the same issues. If you are not understanding this so, here are the steps you should check if your IG is working.

Go to Instagram>click on any person’s chat with whom you share most videos and photos from your gallery>click the above right corner’s I button>scroll down to photos and videos>check if all the photos and videos are appearing. Another thing we would like to let you know is, we are not talking about the disappearing photos and videos but the DM chat where one person shares his or her photos direct from the gallery. However, WhatsApp is working now but what about Instagram, the app is going through some glitches and the company is not even replying to the reports that we have sent. Most people are not in the swim about this, therefore we are requesting you to check if your photos and videos are appearing in the DM or not.


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