Vikram Lander Bye! Bye!| What Happened to Vikram Lander?

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What Happened to Vikram Lander?

As on moon, lunar night has been started. For 14 days Lander Vikram will unable to handle the winters of the moon. The temperature on the moon is going to be very low that is -200 degree Celsius. Unlike chinese rover on the moon, Vikram lander has no heating apparatus for surviving on the cold lunar nights. The lunar night will last up to 14 Earth days which is impossible for Vikram lander to communicate with ISRO.

Update regarding Chandrayan-2 mission by ISRO

  • All payloads of orbiter are powered.
  • Initial trials for orbiter Payloads are completed successfully.
  • Performance of all orbiter payloads is satisfactory.
  • Orbiter continues to perform scheduled science experiments to complete satisfaction.
  • National level committee consisting of academicians and ISRO experts are analyzing the cause of communication loss with the lander.

Chandrayan Mission-2

Chandrayan-2 mission was attempted to increase the understanding of space and moon. Under the mission, ISRO sent an orbiter and lander (Vikram). Under Lander, it had rover (Pragyan). For now, the only orbiter is working, Soft landing of lander did not take place, hence from 2.1 km away, lander lost its communication. According to some experts, Vikram has landed so hard but we have to wait for an official statement by ISRO.

picture source : ISRO

Vikram Lander

Vikram lander of Chandrayan-2 mission was named after Dr. Vikram A Sarabhai. Vikram Sarabhai was the father of Indian Space Programme. The lander was designed to perform a soft landing, unfortunately, which was not achieved. Vikram cannot survive in a harsh temperature of the moon. Already, it was landed on the south pole of the moon, which hampers the sunlight to reach there, making the climate harsh for the lander to survive.

  • weight of Vikram lander: 1471 kg
  • Electric power generation capacity: 650 watt

Lunar night

By September 21, Moon feels its lunar winter or night, where the temperature drastically falls to -200 to -300 degree Celsius. This lunar winter lasts up to 14 Earth days by which lander Vikram will not be in a position to communicate.

Vikram lander v/s Chinese rover

  • Chinese chang’e 3 rover is still active( touched down in 2013) with heating apparatus installed in it while Vikram lander has no heating apparatus.
  • chang’e 3 uses radioactive heater units(RHUs); a nuclear power source to survive the lunar night.
Chinese chang’e 3 rover
source : BBC

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