Snapchat Is Now Available On Windows, How To Download? PC & Laptop Requirements

 Snapchat Is Now Available On Windows, How To Download? PC & Laptop Requirements

If you are one of those who love to make snap streaks then you must have heard the news where it came to know that the American multimedia instant messaging app Snapchat is coming to Microsoft after a very long time. According to online news, the app is now available on PCs through the Microsoft Store. Now, you must be thinking that what is the benefit of this update, when you still have to make streaks through your mobiles. So, the only thing that we got to know so far is, now a user can see others’ snaps on his or her personal computer or laptop through the app on Microsoft.

Snapchat Is Now Available On Windows, How To Download? PC & Laptop Requirements

Talking about how this news became the trending one so, this update was noticed after the news was observed on the online source named Windows Central. It is a platform that keeps its readers up to date with the latest technology news related to windows. As per the reports, Snapchat’s PWA can be now operated on Microsoft Edge (browser) on windows 10 and 11. The other inserting thing about the web version is, it is not as heavy as the mobile version, but only 1.4 MB in size and will have the same features as the normal Snapchat that we use on our mobiles.

Snapchat On Windows

Well, the great part about the update is, users will get to see an Icon same as the mobile one on their desktop. It gets the same notification features which are similar to all native applications. All of those who want to see or check snaps and their messages can open them on a big screen which makes it much more interesting. However, it is being talked about that soon the app will cost, but currently, it is totally free so one can go and use the web Snapchat.

Although, it is not confirmed, on the internet, people are talking about it, where we saw some posts claiming Snapchat will get a new feature or better say filter using by which users can check Goggles from some of the prominent brands such as Ray-Ban, Costa Del Mar, Persol and so on. According to the news, this became reality after Snapchat collaborated with Amazon after which the messaging application got this feature.

The American multimedia instant messaging app that now has millions of users worldwide has been through a dispute with India where the maker of the application said that he didn’t create the app for a poor nation like India after which, the application faced massive outrage from Indians and even some people created memes as well, where they jibed the developers of Snapchat. According to the latest reports, the applications have more than 300 million users worldwide and an online report says that around 4 billion snaps are being sent every single day on an average level. Stay connected to read more news on technology and get more updates on the news that you should know about. Do you use Snapchat? Hit the comment box and share your thoughts on this application.


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