Airtel 5G All Tariff Plans! Latest List Is Revealed Starting Pack Starts At Rs 249

 Airtel 5G All Tariff Plans! Latest List Is Revealed Starting Pack Starts At Rs 249

While the audience is a bit fed-up with the network, Airtel is keep launching new plans to grip the customers. However, it is one of the trusted networks that provides the best 4g and 5g internet speeds, but in the current phase, airtel is not giving internet speed so it can be a reason, why the network is losing its customers. Well, it is all a technical glitch that sometimes happens with every network, but as airtel keeps making changes for giving something extra to its customers, this is what slows the speed. Well, apart from this all, today we are here to tell you about the latest tariff plans. So be here till the end if you are keen to know about the latest airtel’s plans.

Airtel 5G All Tariff Plans! Latest List Is Revealed Starting Pack Starts At Rs 249

Well, you all must be thinking of why we are talking about new plans for the airtel when everyone knows about the same. So, we would like to tell you that so far people were using 4G connectivity but now that the company has brought 5G connectivity, it is making people curious to know about Airtel’s 5G plans. Undoubtedly, the 5G connectivity created a buzz in the market where some people praised, and some criticized it as well, saying the latest connectivity for what people are getting crazy will put a massive impact on nature, but it didn’t stop and finally, India has the 5G connectivity. So, here are the plans below.

Airtel 5G Latest Plans List

Today when in the market we have only 2 leading telecom companies Airtel & Jio, both companies are making the completion tougher for each other. However, both network companies are leaving no stone unturned to grip their market. But here we are talking about Airtel’s 5G plans, therefore, the report is all about airtel one more thing that would like to add is, the plans are based on what we found on the internet. So, if you find any error in the list, so feel free to hit the comment box and let us know about it.

Airtel 5G Speed 840 MBPS
Upload Airtel 5G Speed 125 MBPS
Download Airtel 5G Speed 170 MBPS
Airtel 5G Plan List (Rs 249/-) 2 GB Data for 24 Days
Airtel 5G Plan (Rs 699/-) 1.5 GB Per Day for 56 Days
Rs 799/- Plan 2.5 GB per Day for 56 Days
Rs 849/- Plan 1.5 GB Per Day for 84 Days
Rs 949/- Plan 2.5 GB per Day for 84 Days
Rs 2399/- Plan 1.5 GB per day for 365 Days
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However, the list is all explained but the Airtel has divided all the plans into different categories where you will get to see Affordable Plan, Airtel annual plan, 56 days validity plan, and 84 days validity plan. Every category has its meaning itself and you can pick a better plan for yourself. Under the affordable plan you will get 2GB of data for 24 days at Rs 249, and so on. In this plan, you will get data for a complete month. So, you don’t need to be confused about thinking if you will get 2GB daily. Although, you will have an annual plan that will cost you around Rs 2399 where you will get daily 1.5 GB for 365 days. So, now you can choose a plan that suits your criteria. Stay in the loop for more news.


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