Union Home Minister, Amit Shah again proposed the idea of Multipurpose National ID Card

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Recently, Union Home Minister Shri. Amit Shah has made a statement regarding Multipurpose National ID Card. The statement is made in lieu of foundation of a new office building for the Registrar General of India and census commissioner in New Delhi. He also spoke about the potential of using the upcoming 2021 census data; as it would be a first digital census in India.

He pitched out that the census data be used for:

  • Future planning
  • Development schemes
  • welfare planning
  • Digital Economy

He mooted the idea of Multipurpose National ID card using the data of the census.

Plan of the Government

The idea of Govt. behind the move is to get rid from overabundant processes and cards for say: Adhar card, ID card etc. One single card will replace existing cards. As a result, this single card will have all the cards clubbed together; the bank cards, voter ID card, Adhar card, Passport.

With this one single card, Shri Amit Shah also pointed out that linking of registration of Birth and Death with that of Voter’s list can also be done.

Is this a New Idea?

This idea originated in 2001 in a report named: ‘Reforming National Security System‘. The report was grounded on illegal migration and National Security cost due to illegal Migration. The Report was given by an empowered group of ministers and was given during the former PM: Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The report was a reaction towards the case of K Subramaniam led the Kargil Review Committee. This Committee commenced the aftermath of Kargil Conflict in the year 1999. This Committee has given the report which was having the plan of Multipurpose National ID Card.

Proposals are given in the 2001 Report

  • Make a multipurpose National ID Card in relation to the growing tensions of illegal migration in India.
  • There was a mandatory registration for Citizens and non Citizens living in India.
  • benefaction of preparing NRC (National Register of Citizens)
  • The report also suggested to provide a Multipurpose National ID card to every Citizen, however, for non-citizens; an ID card should be given, having different colours.
  • The issuing of Multipurpose National ID Card should be first distributed in border areas to counter illegal migration.
  • The full cost would be born by Central Govt.
  • It endorsed for a work permit scheme for foreigners and migrants.

Present Scenario

The move has again come up to link different databases of every citizen in digital form. Similarly, it is to furnish single point of Access. In addition, there be is an existing Adhar Database; which will provide pertinent information to govt. regarding issuance of Multipurpose National ID Card.

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