Nagas will be neither be allowed to have a separate flag nor be allowed to form their own constitution says interlocutor.

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The Center will conclude the Naga peace process by October 31 and there will neither be separate flag nor separate constitution for Nagas, says interlocutor R.N. Ravi.

Accusing National Socialist Council of Nagaland, Isak-Muivah of delaying the talks, Mr. Ravi said,” negotiations under the shadow of guns is unacceptable.”

He further stated that the NSCIM, with which Central government had signed a framework agreement on 3rd August 2015 in order to find the solution to the Naga issue, had adopted a “procrastinating approach in order to delay the settlement regarding the symbolic issues of separate flag and constitution.

Mr. Ravi who is also the governor of Nagaland said that the Naga political movement belongs to the people of Nagaland. A mutually agreed draft regarding the settlement which includes all issues and competencies is ready for signing the final agreement and also has received the blessings of the Church.

“The traditional tribal apex bodies, village headmen, civil society groups etc are the representatives of the people of Nagaland who have taken collectively taken decisions for the first time. They have formulated an endorsement for them to go ahead and conclude the ongoing peace process, the governor said.

When he was asked whether during the signing of the peace deal NSCN-IM will be consulted or not he said,” I would expect that since the Nagas have expressed their voice, the council should also take their views into consideration.”

Details regarding the consultations

On Friday, Mr. Ravi had organized a meeting with the leaders of all Naga tribes, minority non-Naga tribes, Nagaland GB Federation, Nagaland Tribes Council, leaders of the Church and civil society organizations in the capital city of the state-Kohima. The meeting had lasted for three hours.

Mr. Ravi gave the details of the agreement signed in 2015 with NSCN-IM and 2017 agreement which was signed with the Naga National Political Groups(NNPGs) with the delegation on Friday.

“In the two agreements that have been signed, there has not been any mention regarding the allowance to keep a separate flag or constitution for the people of Nagaland. The Council has been misleading and lying to the people.

A statement issued by Mr. Ravi’s office said, “Political maturity and wisdom of the leaders of the Nagaland who expressed their overwhelming support in favour of a settlement without any further delay is appreciated.

NSCN-IM has been fighting for ‘Greater Nagaland’ or ‘Nagalim’ as it wants to expand the borders of Nagaland by including Naga-dominated areas in Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh to merge the inhibited areas with the current state of Nagaland.

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