Maharastra Election: According to various opinion polls BJP and Shivsena going to make a huge mandate

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 The main problems of Maharashtra are water, unemployment, roads, the problem of farmers, it is almost certain that their alliance will perform better than Previous year,

According to the opinion poll of Maharashtra election 2019-BJP-Shiv Sena polling: is showing that the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance is holding two- thirds of the seats in the Maharashtra assembly of 288 seats. An opinion poll came after the pronouncement of the dates of the Maharashtra assembly election 2019.

Opinion pole of 48 Lok Sabha seats in Maharashtra: according to opinion poll, BJP is allowed to get 21, Shiv Sena seats to 13, congress to 07 and NCP seats to be added to another account of 01 seats, Look at the Maharashtra alliance terms the NDA can get 12 seats up to 34 and UPA.

If the BJP and Shiv Sena do not contest a separate election, then, in that case, the party of Thackeray may suffer a great loss. According to an opinion poll, when all parties go in elections alone, BJP would get 14, Shiv Sena to win a total of 39 seats and 21 CPS to 20, NCP and others to 64 seats.

Some important points of this election

  • Issue of notification-September 27
  • Last day for filing nomination- October 4
  • Scrutiny of nominations-October 5
  • Withdrawal of nominations-October 7
  • Date of poll-October 21
  • Counting of votes-October 24,

 Devendra fadnavis is still the first choice left as CM. According to opinion poll data, fadnavis 39th, Uddhav Thackeray 6, Ashok Chavan 5 and Sharad 5 percent are among the public preferences At the same time, the biggest issue in the assembly elections is the water body. Next, there is unemployment, the farmers’ problem, and the road issue. last election is not the case with BJP and Shiv Sena in the last assembly elections.

While the two groups fought for separate elections, the congress NCP was still on the soil. Out of the 288 seats in Maharashtra in the 2014 elections, BJP managed to win 123 shiv sena 63, congress 42, NCP 41 and others 20 seats in the elections. Maharashtra will vote on October 21 this time and the results will be announced on October 24 after three days.

Leaders hoping for a ticket in the assembly elections have received a terrible blow from the sena and the BJP. The BJP issued on Tuesday the first 125 candidates list which cut off the tickets for 12 current legislators. Many of the ministers and qaddaver leaders were put on a weighting list. There are also leaders who have worked for years for the party, but their expectations were lost as cattle went to cote.

Several leaders have set out in the mood of a rebellion. More or less the same situation is in the shiv sena where the leaders formed a shiv sena army to strengthen the organization, but thanks to the compromise between Udhav Thackeray and the BJP, shiv sena seats were reduced this time. Hopefully to be legislators of the leaders of the sena army was diluted in their hopes.

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