Jadhavpur University (JU) still at unrest after clashing with minister of state- Babul Supriyo


BJP and ABVP goons fired the university gates and windows. They have beaten and dragged out the students in the college premises. Acid bulbs are thrown around.

source: AAJTAK

Who is Babul Supriyo and where is the JU?

Babul Supriyo is union home minister of State for Environment, Forest and Climate change. Jadavpur University (JU) is located in Kolkata, West Bengal.

What happened in JU?

On September 19, ABVP (Akhil Bhartiya Vidhya Parishad) student union organised a freshers’ party in the campus premises. ABVP invited Union Minister of the state; Babul Supriyo (a BJP leader) to the same. Later, Babul Supriyo was asked to leave by the college students. They did not want to get indulged into any kind of one-sided opinions or ideology.

The situation got worse when he refused to leave and started giving threats to students along with ABVP members. Students protested along with black flags. The agitation had been risen up. After passing a few hours he was rescued by the governor of West Bengal; Jagdeep Dhankar. Jagdeep Dhankar also works as the Chancellor of the University.

Moreover, by 7 pm, BJP goons started vandalizing Arts faculty students and UG Arts students. They set fire to the gates, windows and furniture of the college. One of the students from JU told me: “Minister and his guards abused the students and arguing to make this matter in favour of himself”. He also told me that they brought arms to the campus premises. Students were dragged out, beaten up and heckled by the ABVP and BJP goons. Acids bulbs were being thrown around, University gates were on fire.

What did students say about this?

One of the students from the campus said (who does not wish to be named out) “This is the 4th or 5th time something of this magnitude has happened in Kolkata, in a span of 4 years after Hok Kolorob”.

In addition, “that one I saw with my own eyes was the one in the presidency. I was a fresher at that time. Mamta Banerjee had arrived, there were protests because she gave the VC a cheque for 200 crores, essentially ‘buying out’ the University. Students protested, TMC goons came in and did the same stuff you see here. The ABVP got a chance to create a nuisance and joined in. There were clashes between the two parties inside the campus”.

People arguing to defeat the Fascist ideology. Babul Supriyo defended himself by saying that he was pulled my hair and he is not here for the political propaganda.

Babul Supriyo’s tweets after the incident


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