If media is quiet about attacks, terrorism will come to end Ajit Doval cites Thatcher.

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The NSA says the approach of the judiciary to treat terror crimes in equivalence with ordinary crimes is a major challenge.

NSA (National Security Advisor) Ajit Doval said on 14th of October that “approach of judiciary to treat crimes is at par with ordinary crimes” was one of the major challenges. On the need for change in media policy, he cited Margaret Thatcher- Prime Minister of Britain. He said that if a terrorist is taking any action and the media is quiet about it, terrorism will come to an end.

Mr. Doval was addressing the inaugural session of the National Conference of Chiefs of Anti Terror Squads/ Special Task Force organised by National Investigation Agency(NIA). Home minister Amit Shah was going to attend the event but he opted out at eleventh hour due to “unavoidable reasons”.

While elaborating further about the challenges in investigating terrorism-related cases, Mr Doval said,” The approach of the judiciary to treat terrorism is at par with other crimes, same benchmarks and standards have been applied for solving the cases, inspite of knowing the fact that it is difficult to get eyewitnesses in terror cases rather it is nearly impossible. He further stated that it is very difficult for any ordinary citizen to come out in the court of law and depose against the dreaded Jaish or Lashkar-ae-Taiba’s terrorist.

Doval’s pitch for strong perception management for fighting against terrorism

“Media is a very important part in the fight against terrorism. Why do terrorists kill? As Margaret Thatcher said that if a terrorist takes any sort of action and media remains quiet about it, terrorism will end. They do it for gaining publicity, that is the only way to terrorise people. If 10 people are shot dead and nobody comes to know about it, then they will stop terrorizing people. Somebody’s son is kidnapped and killed, and another a mother sitting miles away is petrified, whether the same thing will happen to her child. But if she doesn’t come to know about the incident, it doesn’t happen. This is the main reason behind changing the perception of media. Media needs to become more transparent, in order to them into confidence.

He stated that India’s neighbouring country Pakistan had made patronage of terrorism an instrument of state policy.

Applauding the efforts of India at Financial Action Task Force (FATF), he said,” Biggest pressure on Pakistan is from FATF. If you can gather evidence and share, everyone knows Pakistan supports and finances terror. Only ATS, STF, NIA can gather evidence. We are targeting one country. “He said that instead of destroying evidence, it needs to be used by giving it to the media.

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