Who Was Dharmesh Yadav? Gurgaon Property Dealer Murdered By Wife & Her Boyfriend

 Who Was Dharmesh Yadav? Gurgaon Property Dealer Murdered By Wife & Her Boyfriend

Humanity is ashamed in Gurugram, where a wife took the life of her own husband. The shocking incident happened in Gurgaon’s Palam Vihar sector 22, where a lady gave money to her boyfriend to kill her husband. According to the reports, Gurugram police arrested two suspects including a lady and her boyfriend. The victim was a property dealer named Dharmesh Yadav (42) and at the time of the incident, he was sleeping in his under-construction property when a man came by him and shot him to death, reportedly. An investigation has been sparked into the case and here is the complete about the Gurgaon property dealer murder case.

Dharmesh Yadav Gurgaon property dealer murder news

Police officials have stated that the lady named Nitu was dating another man with whom she planned everything and murdered her own husband. She gave her gold ornaments worth 37 lakh to get her husband killed. Assistant commissioner of police (crime) Preet Pal Sangwan, in a statement, said that the lady named Neetu Yadav (37) was the mastermind of the entire murder plot of her own husband. Speaking to the press, Sangwan also said that Neetu Yadav wanted to get the entire property of her husband Dharmesh Yadav, and she planned to get married to her boyfriend Bablu Khan after her husband’s death.

Who Was Dharmesh Yadav?

His family and friends are shattered by the news because Dharmesh Yadav was among reputed property dealers and his shocking demise or better say murder has shaken everyone in the neighborhood. Inspector Joginder Kumar, who is investigating in the case stated that Khan’s associate named Mohammad Moinuddin was arrested from his native residence at Sambhal in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday. While the crime branch’s team apprehended Neetu from Palam Vihar on Monday. ACP Sangwan said, “Bablu Khan is still on the run and an investigation is still going on, we will arrest him soon”. When police probed Yadav’s family, they came to know that the married couple was not having a good relationship despite being under the same roof after their marriage.

Wife Killed Dealer Husband For Property

The murder is the fallout of an illicit relationship between Yadav’s wife Neetu and her boyfriend Bablu Khan, and things went worse when she became greedy for Yadav’s property. 42 years old Dharmesh Yadav was sleeping in his under-constructed building meanwhile, two men (suspects) Khan and Moinuddin reached the spot at around 2 am on October 30. As soon as they reached Yadav they opened fire on him and he died on the spot. Both of the Khans fired from a very close range therefore, Yadav did not get a chance to suffer the injuries.

When it was asked from Neetu about her relationship with Bablu, she came to know that the lady was only known Bablu for the past 6 months and they met through her maid. The lady later planned to kill her husband where she gave her ornaments weighing 65 tolas (approximately 758 grams)to Bablu Khan and the amount he got after selling the jewelry, he built his house at his native place and the rest of the amount was splurged in purchasing weapons to kill Yadav, said Sangwan. More information is yet to announce so stay tuned with us to get more updates.


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