Who Is Shareeq? Man Got Inspired By ISIS & Made Bomb At Home In Mangluru

 Who Is Shareeq? Man Got Inspired By ISIS & Made Bomb At Home In Mangluru

You must have someone that inspires you, but it depends on person to person, who has a different role model. But recently, a piece of shocking news came from Mangluru where a man blasted and confessed that he got inspired by ISIS. Now, as per this, you can assume how badly these societies and organizations are ruining and influencing people. The accused is identified as Shareeq who used the dark web to get all the types of equipment to get the stuff for making bombs. In an official statement, the police said that the man in the autorickshaw blast in coastal Karnataka’s Mangaluru got heavily “inspired by ISIS terror group” and used the dark web to get in touch with peddlers.

Mangluru Bomb Blast Accused Images Shareeq terrorist

According to the reports, Shivamogga district’s resident Shareeq was carrying an IED ( improvised explosive device) in a pressure cooker and left it in an autorickshaw on Saturday. At the time of the blast he was also seating in the autorickshaw which left him injured heavily, and currently, he is going under medical treatment in a local hospital. One of the officials from the police department Alok Kumar said that “we are trying to save him so that we can question him about his activity.” Later, the police took the case and investigate the matter where they termed the incident under “act of terror” with intentions of serious damage.

Mangaluru Blast News

However, the accused is undergoing medical treatment as he suffered burnt injuries but the police have stated that he made bombs at home and even tested them on the bank of the river. Alok Kumar the senior cop said, “It was some Arafat Ali who is identified as Shareeq’s immediate handler, and Arafat Ali is already accused in two other cases, and the man was in touch with Mussavir Hussain who is already an accused in Al-Hind module case”. However, sparking the investigation it also came to know that there were also around 2-3 men who helped Shareeq and are yet to be identified but a man named Abdul Matin Taha was one of the main handlers to him.

According to the police reports, they have begun their investigation and have conducted searches at 5 locations across Karnataka, where Shareeq’s home is on the top list and is located in Mysuru where all of the materials were found. He was driven by ISIS tenets and created a bomb at his home. In this case, a man was recently nabbed by the police and alleged to have close links with Shareeq, and he is the one who gave his own Adhaar card to Shareeq to get a new number and operate the entire mishap. 

As an investigation team has been conducted and is investigating the case, to find if Shareeq had a link with Jameesha Mubin or not. If you are not in the swim about this name then we would like to let you know that Jameesha Mubin is the prime accused in the Coimbatore car blast that happened recently. Now, let’s see how soon will they take any action. 


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