Teenager Boy In Chambal Cuts Cake With Weapons Arrested! Name & Pics

 Teenager Boy In Chambal Cuts Cake With Weapons Arrested! Name & Pics

Hey, folks! in today’s world one thing among teenagers and youngsters has become a trend and they consider this thing as something cool and impressive. Can you guess what we are talking about? Well, we are talking about the weapon craze among youngsters or better say youth. The main thing that has been observed in the past few months, people who are in their 20s are the main ones who often do these kinds of activities and that too publicly. If we talk about this trend so mainly the Delhi boys are among them who use weapons such as guns and daggers at their events and especially on the cake-cutting day.

prashant pandit chambal boy cake cutting with guns

Well, talking about the beginning of this trend, so firstly there is not any specific place it came from, but still Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana & Punjab. However, it has been happening for decades but in the past 5 days, we have seen so many headlines with the same headlines. So, recently, Chambal’s Bhind district witnessed the same thing when a 19 years old boy named Prashant Pandit, a resident of Piphandi village that comes under the Gohad police station area, celebrated his birthday. Now, the best part about his birthday that can take him to jail is, he did cut 10 cakes but it was really murder as it was cut by an illegal pistol. As you all know that on the internet people really praise this kind of activity and therefore just after it was shared on his social media, it crossed thousands of views and created a buzz.

Who is Prashant Pandit?

Now, as soon as the video of Prashant Pandit was shared on social media, it created a buzz and somehow it reached the police. As soon as cops got to know about the incident they initiate and arrested the birthday boy. According to the reports, the police found him with the pistol and live cartridges. He got arrested under several criminal charges. Undoubtedly, this is one of the things to talk about that how kids are getting weapons, who is giving them despite being in the swim, it will create big trouble. As of now, Prashant Pandir is hitting the bars, however, he will be out soon, but let’s see, that what the law is going to do next.

Talking about another incident so just 5 days back another case came to know where Sarpanch Raju Singh of Gona village of Barohi police station area, celebrated his birthday along with weapons and he broadcasted it live on his social media. Later, he and his associates got arrested under several charges along with keeping an illegal weapon. If it comes to talking gun culture, so it has now become a status symbol that kids do use to show off and tell society that they are not scared of anything. Stay tuned to get more updates and also to know what is happening around you…


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