Who Is Mohammad Sarfraz? Watch Hyderabad Boy Dies For Making Reels Beside Running Train!

 Who Is Mohammad Sarfraz? Watch Hyderabad Boy Dies For Making Reels Beside Running Train!

Another day another shocking news is trending on social media after a boy lost his life for making Instagram reels. A horrific incident recently broke on the internet where it came to know that a teenage boy in Hyderabad went to the railway for making Instagram reels and he was making reels beside the running train for seeking more fame, but the fame game ends up with his death on the spot after the train collided with him. However, according to the reports, the boy has been identified as Mohammad Sarfaraj 16 years old studying in 9th class.

Who Is Mohammad Sarfraz? Watch Hyderabad Boy Dies For Making Reels Beside Running Train!

However, there is no doubt that just for making a clip of a few seconds the youth has stepped to a totally different path that cost their lives, and shockingly saying this won’t be bad that such type of incidents have been happening for a long time. According to the reports, the teenage boy from Hyderabad who recently died in a railway incident went for making a reel at the platform, and he was running beside the railway track. Meanwhile, a train passed by him and somehow he collapse due to which he got shoved.

Boy Dies After Colliding With Train For Making IG Reels

Well, there is no doubt that in today’s modern era, everyone wants to have more fan following more followers, likes, comments, and attention from others. The Internet life has brought a massive change in the youth that seems like people have thought that gaining followers is the only thing to do, no matter how they are getting those. Although, the Hyderabad boy rail accident is not a new thing to get shocked by, because before this incident we have scrolled so much news. Also, everyone needs to know that just to gain some followers and likes they should stop risking their lives after all likes and followers are not more than your life.

Who Is MD Sarfaraz?

Recently news broke on the internet after which thousands of people are in shock. A boy who lives in Hyderabad’s Sanathnagar¬†died making reels. Now, the news has become the talk of the town, and it is because it has been a long time since everyone is quite intelligent as they know about the pros and cons of every situation, and how the boy did such a thing that cost his life. The shocking incident was filmed and has gone viral on the internet.

Well, as per the official sources, the boy and his friends were recording a video where Sarfaraz had to run along with the running train. However, the cameraman was also running at the same speed to record the entire scene but unfortunately, Sarfaraz gets disbalances due to which he falls on the same track on which the train was running, and just in a blink of the incident happened which his friends reached his house to tell his parents about the scene. The shocking incident has gone viral on the internet so you can also watch the viral video of boy collides with train for making IG reels. Stay tuned with us to get more updates on all trending and viral news in the nation.


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