Who Is Manmohan? Gurugram Man Arrested For Stealing Flower Pot Set Up For G20 Event

 Who Is Manmohan? Gurugram Man Arrested For Stealing Flower Pot Set Up For G20 Event

Who is Manmohan? As you all know that India is all set for the G20 Event and since the news broke on the internet, a number of things are trending just to defame the nation. But the incident that recently happened is weird and shameful as well, but the most strange thing is, the one who did this, is not anyone from out of the nation but the Indians themselves. Yes, we are talking about today’s most trending news where 2 people steal the flower pots that were set up for the G20 event.

Who Is Manmohan, Man Steals Flower Pots Of G20 Event

News started surfacing on the web where headlines claimed that two men have stolen the flower pots, which were likely to be presented at the G20 Event for decoration. And as quickly as the video of the entire scene went viral on the web, the local police began an investigation and they nabbed the accused. However, the theft was made by 2 people, but the police nabbed only one, who has been identified as Manmohan, a resident of Gandhi Nagar. Now, you will be shocked to know that both of the thieves are not normal or middle-class people, but they are really wealthy. Their richness can be assumed by looking there, as they steal pots in Manmohan’s car Kia Carnival, which is worth Rs 40 Lakh.

Who Is Manmohan, Man Steals Flower Pots Of G20 Event

In connection with a case involving the theft of flower pots erected for the G20 meeting in New Delhi, one person was detained. Earlier, a video that appeared to show two persons reportedly taking the pots went popular on social media. On the Delhi-Gurugram motorway, in front of the Ambience mall, the event happened on Monday. In the footage, you can see the men loading the pots into an SUV. Once District Commissioner (DC) Nishant Kumar Yadav became aware of a trending tweet and requested that the Gurugram police get involved and look into the situation, a complaint was then filed. The apprehended suspect was named Gandhi Nagar resident Manmohan.

According to the complaint made by the GMDA’s Metropolitan Green Planner, Urban Environment Division, “On the roadside, there have been reports of some passersby and thieves taking flower pots. On Twitter, a video of the theft of flower pots is also becoming widely popular. The car involved in the theft has the license plate HR 20 AY 0006.”

G20 Event Flower Pot Stolen!

GMDA’s Metropolitan Green Planner also urged people to “take the appropriate action against the person who steals the flower pots, considering the importance of the national-level event, and also deploy police personnel for the security of the flower pots planted on both sides of the road, so the G-20 event can be successfully completed”.

As you all know that from the very first day of the announcement of the G20 event, the nation is trying to manage everything best out of best to make the celebration more enjoyable, and therefore a very massive number of flower pots were planted with colorful flowers and were set up here ahead of G20 meetings that are scheduled to take place from March 1 to 4. Although, the police is investigating the matter to get more updates, stay tuned with us to read more information on this trending news.


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