Who is Jayanthi Lal Chayanthi? Businessman Gifting Cars On Diwali!

 Who is Jayanthi Lal Chayanthi? Businessman Gifting Cars On Diwali!

Chennai: Have you ever wondered to get a car from your boss as your Diwali bonus? Well, here is someone who is giving cars to his workers. Yes, we are talking about Chennai Business man Jayanthi Lal Chayanthi. Read here what he is news? Hey, folks! you all must be super excited about the festival called Diwali. Well, it is just expected because especially an Indian waits a whole year just to celebrate this day. From kids to adults everyone gets super happy for the day not only because it is one of the most loved festivals of Indians but also because on this day, we get presents and sweets. However, on the other side people who are working somewhere get happy thinking of a bonus.

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Well, recently Chalani Jewellery’s owner Jayanthi Lal Chayanthi, made headlines after the man distributed gifts to his staff. You must be thinking that your boss is also giving you gifts on Diwali then why he is not in the headlines? So, we would like to let you know that Mr. Jayanthi Lal Chayanthi is in the headlines because he is gifting cars and bikes worth ₹ 1.2 crores as gifts to his employees. According to the reports the Chennai businessman Mr. Jayanthi Lal Chayanthi has gifted 8 cars and 18 bikes to his staff and colleagues so far. Undoubtedly it is one of the best gifts for those from their boss. While some of them were over the moon, others broke into tears of joy.

Who is Jayanthi Lal Chayanthi?

Jayanthi Lal Chayanthi is a Chennai’s noted businessman and he is the owner of Chalani jewelry. The ornament seller in the business for a long time. The man in a statement said, “Gifts would encourage the staff’s work and will bring happiness in their personal life”. While talking to the media, Chayanthi said “my workers are like my family, they are with me for a long time and they have seen all of the ups and downs of me and my business, without them I couldn’t have done anything, and these gifts are to praise their loyalty with me”.

However, all the companies give gifts and sweets to their employees according to their capability and turnover. Well, people usually think and jibe the other one who is working somewhere, that is why he is very happy at the festival with these types of sweets and presents when he can buy these all in his own pocket. So, for all those who think that what is the deal to be happy with Diwali gifts. Well, a gift is nothing but a way to express an employer’s feelings and respect toward their employees. Every boss tries to make his or her workers happy so that they would make him happy too and this is what a festive present is all about. A gift praises a worker’s hard work and it also pushes them forwards for more hard work.


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