Who Is Aamir Gopang? Wiki & Biography Pakistan’s Cop Gets 100 Million In Account!

 Who Is Aamir Gopang? Wiki & Biography Pakistan’s Cop Gets 100 Million In Account!

Have you ever wondered about a lot of money in your bank account? Well, it is not a new thing to be asked, but recently a shocking incident happened with a cop in Pakistan whose account credited 100 million along with his salary. According to the reports, Aamir Gopang, serving as an investigating officer at a police station in Pakistan’s Karachi, evolved a crorepati overnight when, along with his salary, his bank account was credited with Rs 100 million (10 crores) from an “unknown source.” The incident turned out to be trending news and became the talk of the town.

Who Is Aamir Gopang? Wiki & Biography Pakistan's Cop Gets 100 Million In Account!

Well, for a moment just think, our mood can go 0 to 100 just after we find 50 or 100 bucks in our pockets, now think what if one day you wake up and see a text message saying “100 million credited to your account”? According to an online source from Pakistan told, “I was shocked because let alone having seen so much money, I have never had more than a few thousand rupees in my account,” he said in a press interview. When he was asked to him how did he get to know about the money? The cop replied that he was sleeping at that time when his bank called him telling him that his account has been credited with 100 Million.

As soon as he heard the news it hit him like a ton of bricks. However, it is just an expected thing after all getting this much big amount and that too when your monthly salary is too less is something that everyone can get scared or worried about before jumping happily.

Who Is Aamir Gopang?

Now, that the case has been highlighted across the nation people from every corner are searching for him. The most searched thing of the day has certainly his name and the case he just met with. So, Who is Aamir Gopang? Well, according to the sources, Aamir Gopang is a cop serving as an investigating officer at a police station in Pakistan’s Karachi. The man came to the limelight after his account was credited with 100 million bucks. I got a call from my bank telling me that 100 million bucks have been deposited to his account after which his bank first froze his account and blocked his debit card so that he won’t be able to make any transaction with that money.

However, it is not a new thing that happened with cops in Pakistan but before this one, the same incident happened in Pakistan’s Larkana and Sukkur, where some of the police officials got a huge amount after which they went through the same situation as Aamir Gopang is going. According to previous reports, in Pakistan’s Larkana 3 police officials got 50 million bucks delivered to their bank account while in Sukkur it happened with 1 official with the same 50 Million bucks. An investigation team is currently investigating the case and till then stay tuned with us to get more updates on the case.


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