Who Is Aadi Swaroopa? Meet Mangaluru Girl Who Writes With Both Hands

 Who Is Aadi Swaroopa? Meet Mangaluru Girl Who Writes With Both Hands

You all must have watched Aamir Khan’s 3 idiots where the principal of the college was able to write with both hands. Well, no doubt once in a life we all try to write two different things with both hands at the same time, however, not everyone achieves the art to use both hands at the same time but recently a name started surfacing on the web where a girl from Mangaluru named Aadi Swaroopa, found able to write with both hands at the same time. As of now, the video was trending on social media where the girl is seen using both hands at the same time which reminds people of the 3 Iditios movie. Now, people are searching for, who is Aadi Swaroopa?

Who Is Aadi Swaroopa? Meet Mangaluru Girl Who Writes With Both Hands

Recently, a video of a girl writing on a blackboard with both of her hands writing two different topics at the same time, went viral on the internet followed by which people started searching more about her. The viral video has been doing rounds since it dropped on the internet and the nation wants to know about the girl. On the internet people are using so many words just to search for her, some are writing Indian ambidextrous girl, while some are searching for a viral video girl using both hands while writing, and so on. If you are also keen to know about the girl then be here till the end of this article to know complete information about the girl.

Who Is Aadi Swaroopa?

So, an ambidextrous girl from India named Aadi Swaroopa is currently in the headlines after a video of her dropped on the internet and went viral. In a viral video, you can watch how the girl is standing next to the blackboard holding chalk in her both hands and she starts writing two different topics at the same time. Although the scene is already incredible she does not stop only here to show her skills the young girl starts flaunting her reverse writing skills and that too without slowing down her writing speed.

However, the video was re-shared again, therefore, it is getting more limelight but we would like to let you know that the girl is already been in the headlines when she bagged a world record for writing the most number of words using both her hands simultaneously in a minute. Also, the Twitter user who shared the video goes online as @ravikarkara even wrote that the girl has incredible talent and can write in 11 different styles. that makes her a hot potato. The man in his tweet wrote She is ‘Aadi Swaroopa’ from Mangalore. She can write in 11 different styles. Both Parts of her brain function at the Same Time, one in a million. Amazing! This Skill is Known as Ambidexterity.”

Talking about the video then you can assume the fan base of the video by looking at the number of views. The video has over 56,000 likes and has been watched more than 3.2 million times. However, the girl is well known for her talent but recently after re-sharing the video, she gaining more limelight, and not only the normal audience but the celebs are also reacting to the video by commenting on the same. Popular actress Elli AvrRam also commented on the video.

What is Ambidextrous?

Now, as the girl is in the limelight therefore a word also started trending on the web probably about which not everyone was fully aware. So, as it is being said that the girl is ambidextrous therefore people are searching if it is a disease or something different. So, we would like to tell you that being ambidexterity is the capability to use both the right and left hand equally well. When referring to objects, the term signifies that the object is equally suitable for right-handed and left-handed people.

When referring to humans, it shows that a person has no marked preference for the use of the right or left hand. If we talk about how rare it is to find an ambidextrous? so we would like to tell you that the percentage is really rare that only 1% of the population has an ambidextrous person. Do you have anyone with the same ability? Stay tuned with us to read more information on such viral and trending topics.


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