Where Is Faleena Hopkins? What Happened To American Romance Author? Novelist Missing After Released From Jail

 Where Is Faleena Hopkins? What Happened To American Romance Author? Novelist Missing After Released From Jail

Internet is stunned after a piece of news of a romance author started surfacing on the web. Yes, we are talking about Faleena Hopkins who is among the very noted novel writers. However, the lady was recently hitting the bars in a Wyoming jail but recently when she got freed from the jail the lady has gone missing. Now, it has become a hot potato that where is Faleena Hopkins? what happened to her? According to the reports, the police arrested the 52-year-old author on January 27 after a long 24-mile chase across Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Where Is Faleena Hopkins? What Happened To American Romance Author? Novelist Missing After Released From Jail

In accordance with the reports, the romance author got arrested and taken to the Teton County jail. However, she was released from jail after 3 days of her arrest. However, she had to visit for a court appearance later in February for an arraignment hearing but she was reported missing by her friends and family. Despite her missing incident people are searching for the reason why she was in jail. People are searching for what happened to Faleena Hopkins, and why she got arrested. So, looking at the reports online, it came to know that the lady was arrested due to not following the road rules such as overspeeding, obstructing traffic, ignoring stop signs, attempting to flee, elude the police, and driving without due care.

Who Is Faleena Hopkins?

However, the lady does not need to be introduced but many people are now searching for information about her, and that too globally. Also, despite being so a famous personality the lady does not have an official Wikipedia but according to the reports, Faleena Hopkins is an American author, prominently known for her work in the romance genre. She was born in the United States and grew up in various locations, including New York City and Hawaii. Now, her love towards writing can be assumed by looking at her past that Hopkins began writing at a young age and has since gone on to publish numerous novels and series.

However, if we talk about her penned-down work then the list will include some of the mind-blowing books but still, if we talk about one of the most loved and noted works of the lady then one of Hopkins’ most notable works is her “Cocker Brothers” series, which includes books such as “Cocky Roomie” and “Cocky Senator.” However, it was her attempt to trademark the word “cocky” in 2018 that brought her to wider public attention. You can assume her love and determination towards her work that she has published around 40 novels, reportedly.

Where is Faleena Hopkins?

In accordance with the latest reports, Ms. Faleena Hopkins was last seen in Jackson city of Mississippi after she was released from jail after 3 days of probing. The Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation stated that she has to appear for the court hearing again in February but she is missing right from the first day she got freed from jail.

In a missing report the investing team has released a notice where her details are written, the notice follows “She is a white female, approximately 5’7”, 135 pounds, with green eyes and blond hair,” the DCI’s profile said. “Faleena has an infinity symbol on her left wrist, ‘Follow All Instincts’ on her right wrist, a lion face on her left shoulder and a hummingbird on her right ankle.” Now, it has become a most controversial thing and a serious issue as well that where is Faleena Hopkins, a romance writer is missing for 10 days. Although, the police is investigating into matter, till then stay tuned with us to get more updates.


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