What Happened To Lindsay Ell? Canadian Pop Singer Reveals Her Life’s Dark Side

 What Happened To Lindsay Ell? Canadian Pop Singer Reveals Her Life’s Dark Side

The noted Canadian-American country pop singer Lindsay Elizabeth Ell prominently known as Lindsay Ell recently shared a picture on her official Instagram where she revealed that she was recently diagnosed with an eating disorder. However, she stated that she now wants to tell her story to the world hoping people will get motivated by her story. Actually, the girl was recently invited to Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe, a celebrity podcast where she asks some very secret things about celebs’ lives. After the podcast, the singer also took her social media where she told about her journey and also about what she has spoken on the podcast.

What Happened To Lindsay Ell? Canadian Pop Singer Reveals Her Life's Dark Side

So, the 33 years old Canadian-American country pop singer and television personality from Calgary, Alberta old pop artist recently shared a picture on her official Instagram account where she told about what she has been experiencing for the last couple of years. However, in the interview, she opened up about her journey in the industry and told how she gained weight while working. Now, it is not hidden from anyone that when a person gets a workaholic he or she automatically starts gaining weight and it is because of an unbalanced diet and that overeating. However, if someone is completely focused on his or her work they often do get caught by an eating disorder.

What Happened To Lindsay Ell?

Although the artist never told about her illness recently in a famous podcast titled “Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe” she broke her silence about the dark side of her life and imbalanced lifestyle. Actually, the 33 years old singer took her official Instagram where she posted a picture telling that she went for a podcast last week and there she was asked some questions about her personal life where she finally told about how she is currently dealing with her mind and body, however, she shows off every time that everything is perfectly fine but after coming home when she meets herself she cries that no one knows and even interested to know.

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She shared a picture on her IG captioning “I was on a podcast last week, and I shared something that I felt like I should share with all of you, because that’s what we do here,” Ell began. “I got diagnosed with an eating disorder a few weeks ago, and have come to terms with that it’s something I have been living in denial of for the better part of 20 years”, continuing the caption she wrote “I always told myself that an eating disorder would look like ‘that kind of body’ and that there’s no way I could have one because I didn’t look like that,” she shared. “I told myself that the way I was living was fine because it was just part of my career.”

What Is an Eating Disorder? How does It happen?

However, everyone has their own meaning for the word but no one wants the exact meaning of what an eating disorder is in reality. So, an eating disorder is a mental health condition characterized by an unhealthy relationship with food, body weight, and body image. It involves disturbances in eating patterns, such as restricting food intake, binge eating, and purging behaviors, and often results in physical and emotional harm. The three most common types of eating disorders are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder.

Although, coming to the starting of the disease and how it happens in the body then as per the medical reports, eating disorders can develop due to a combination of genetic, biological, psychological, and environmental factors. Examples of these factors may include a family history of eating disorders or mental illness, a history of dieting or weight stigma, cultural or societal pressures to conform to certain beauty standards, and other stressors or traumatic experiences. Additionally, eating disorders often involve complex interactions between brain chemicals, hormones, and other physiological factors that can contribute to disordered eating behaviors.

Ultimately, the development of an eating disorder is a multifaceted process that can be influenced by many different factors, and treatment typically requires a comprehensive approach that addresses both the physical and psychological aspects of the disorder. Although, you can seek medical help to prevent the disease in your body if you find that you have caught by the same.

Lindsay Ell On Eating Disorder!

She also stated that once a moment came in her life when she had no control over her lifestyle such as she did not have any control over what she is eating or wearing. All she knew was, people want her to look like her as per their perspective and no one is ready to see what she is actually feeling. In her caption, she wrote that she was no longer able to control what she eat and what not, although, it made her perfect at pretending that everything is going well in her life and that too in public but as soon as she reaches her home she used to shiver and cry alone.

What Happened To Lindsay Ell? Canadian Pop Singer Reveals Her Life's Dark Side

Well, the interview is available on the podcast. As she mentioned that she hopes that her interview will help others who are going through the same situation. She also told her fans not to deal with something that hurts them a lot and it is okay to take care of others but their health should be their top most priority, in the post she also told her fans to go and watch the latest episode of the podcast. 


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