Watch Uber Driver ‘Romance Not Allowed In This Cab’ Video, Cab Driver Roasts Passenger Video

 Watch Uber Driver ‘Romance Not Allowed In This Cab’ Video, Cab Driver Roasts Passenger Video

The national capital has been in the headlines for quite some time and the reasons are not hidden. From season to politics, Delhi is known for some hilarious things. However, recently a video of a Delhi Cab went viral on the internet after which netizens got tickled. Well, we are talking about the Delhi Cab video where the driver has stuck a note on the seat for passengers writing “Romance Is Not Allowed In This Cab”. No doubt it sounds funny but the reason behind sticking this note is perhaps the rising romance in Delhi’s air.

Watch Uber Driver ‘Romance Not Allowed In This Cab’ Video, Cab Driver Roasts Passenger Video

So, when it comes to talking about the latest Delhi news, then you will find many things trending on the internet, but the news of the Delhi metro has been circulating on the web for quite a long time. Amid all drama that has been created by some people, a cab driver’s video broke on the internet where the driver declared his car as a “No Romance Zone”. It is not hidden that a series of pictures and videos from the Delhi metro went viral on the internet after which the commute system got criticized by the entire nation. Also, every clip faced much media outrage and became the talk of the town.

Delhi Uber Cab Viral Video

Well, on the internet it is being said that the video is from Uber Cab, however, it can not be confirmed if the scene is really from the Uber cab or not. Actually, in the video it can be seen that a passenger is sitting in the back seat, and filming the video where he shows, a note where “No Romance Is Allowed In This Cab” is written. Also, the strict warning video is quite funny because when the boy who is filming the video, looks at the warning he says “Thank God Today I’m not with my girlfriend”, and he laughs, while the cab driver asks if this boy really has a girlfriend or not. The video is doing rounds on the internet and has lakhs of views and likes on it.

“No Romance Allowed In This Cab” Video

However, it is not hidden from anyone that social media has become the hub for the all weird and funny things. Although, people often choose fun and cringe content over any other informative thing, and the same thing happened with this video where a boy books a cab, and right after sitting in it, he sees a strict warning where the driver has warned about not to do romance in his cab. However, while many people are making fun of it, on the other side a few people are saying that he has done the right thing. Some people have also stated that why is doing such things after all people book cabs for their drive’s privacy and all.

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Also, some people are saying that perhaps the driver does not have a girlfriend which is why he will not let anyone do romance in front of him. The viral video of a Delhi Cab Driver with a “No Romance In This Car” warning, is shared by an Instagram influencer named Akshansh that goes online as @thatguywithbeard. He has also mentioned the links to the video named “Uber driver roasts passengers asks aapki Bhi girlfriend hai”. Video is doing rounds on the internet and you can watch it here as well. Stay tuned with us to get all the latest updates on the all trending news on the internet.


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