Watch: Gautami Patil Leaked Video Marathi Lavani Dancer’s Viral Video Reddit & Twitter

 Watch: Gautami Patil Leaked Video Marathi Lavani Dancer’s Viral Video Reddit & Twitter

If you are one of the netizens then you must be in the swim about Gautami Patil’s leaked video which is currently doing rounds on the internet. However, the girl is quite famous in the city and also has a massive fan following, therefore her video is creating more headlines. According to the reports, in the viral video, someone filmed the lady changing clothes, and as soon as the video got leaked it started creating buzz, and as of now, it has become the most talked about thing in the Marathi region. There are many things that people are searching for such as, who is Gautami Patil, her leaked video, and so on.

Watch: Gautami Patil Leaked Video Marathi Lavani Dancer's Viral Video Reddit & Twitter

Well, if you are keen to know about her, then we would like to tell you that despite being so famous the girl does not have any official Wikipedia page, but according to the reports, she is among the most loved and famous Lavani dancers. The famous lady who already has an amazing and huge fan base has become the talk of the town after her clothes-changing video got leaked and went viral on the internet. However, some of her fans are making fun of the video by jibing her, on the other side people are supporting her as well, and it is because it was not a publicity stunt but someone secretly recorded the clip and viral it on the web.

Gautami Patil Leaked Video

According to the reports, the leaked video of famous Lavani dancer Gautami Patil contains some explicit moments where the girl is being recorded by someone secretly, and it all happened when she was changing her clothes for an event. After the video was leaked and started creating a buzz on the internet, the police also sparked an investigation, and also the State Women’s Commission Chairperson, Rupali Chakankar tweeted after a case was registered in this matter.

Her fans are also saying that it was all a planned moment that was executed just to defame the famous dancer Gautami. Not only recorded but also being shared deliberately on each and every single social media platform, the video is now doing the rounds on the internet. In the viral video, you can watch how the famous Lavani Dancer changes her clothes, and she does not know that someone is recording the video or perhaps installed a camera in the room.

Who is Gautami Patil?

Born in 1996 in Shindkheda, Dhule, Maharashtra, India, the girl began her career at the age of 18 due to a financial crisis in her family after her father’s death. In the initial days of her career, she used to work as a background dancer. However, after a while, she started posting some controversial dances wearing the Lavani dress, which is considered as pride by the Marathi people. Dancer Gautami Patil performed controversial Dance steps by Wearing Lavni Dress. Plenty of people started trolling her on social media because of her dance steps, due to which she also faced media outrage as well.

Talking about her fan base so, currently, on social media she has lakhs of followers and on her official Instagram account she has over 595k followers. While, some people are supporting her saying not to feel alone as her fans are with her, the other side people are also saying that it happened deliberately for a gaining more publicity. Although, the lady has not spoken anything on the news so far. Stay in the loop to read more trending and viral news.


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