Watch: Delhi Police Stops Man Playing Guitar In CP Clip Went Viral On Social Media!

 Watch: Delhi Police Stops Man Playing Guitar In CP Clip Went Viral On Social Media!

Delhi Police Viral Video CP: Musicians especially guitarists always be the most loved artist, and when it comes to talking about their performance, so no doubt that whenever a guitarist gets slew in his music people do gather at the spot just to see that person’s performance. Well, as we are talking, you must be in the swim about towards what we are gesticulating towards. Well, recently a video broke on the internet where a Delhi Cop seen shoving off a guitarist playing guitar sitting on the roads of Delhi’s heart CP. The video is doing rounds on the internet where it can be seen how a Delhi Police Cop comes and stops the busker while the performance was going on.

Watch: Delhi Police Stops Man Playing Guitar In CP Clip Went Viral On Social Media! Delhi Police Viral Video CP

Well, it is not hidden that buskers do create an amazing environment and make the surroundings aesthetical. Because people do come and gather for watching those performances that not only make the person famous but the place too. Delhi has been to the limelight for its artists that perform on the streets, and so far no one has complained about it but the thing which Delhi Police has done, created a buzz on the internet followed by which people now seem to be a bit disappointed. In the viral video, you can watch how a cop comes and first closes the busker’s guitar case followed by which, he stops the boy’s hand from playing the instrument. Later on, the boy asks him “what happened”, the cop replies “nothing, you can’t play this here”.

Delhi Police Stops Man Playing Guitar

In the video, you can watch that people were getting amazed by his performance while a senior officer from Delhi Police comes to the spot and stops the man from singing. Later, the man without any argument stands and bends over to show his gratitude to his audience. Everyone claps there but the appreciation makes the cop more furious towards the man and he stops him. As soon as the video was dropped on the internet it started creating a buzz and just after that moment, Indian actor Rajesh Tailang took his Twitter where he posted his disappointment over the scene.

In his tweet actor, Rajesh Tailang said “Watched this clip on Instagram.  Delhi Police this is not done. These artists make our Delhi more aesthetical, musical. Shame!!!”. Later, people showed their disappointment over the scene, however, the actor’s tweet sparked the matter more and people started showing their anger in this case. Among so many users one re-tweeted and said “This is so disrespectful for an artist. Hope Delhi Police will apologise for this”, another asked, “what is wrong in playing guitar now?”

Boy Playing Guitar IN front Of Mumbai Police

However, besides this, another video is getting viral on the internet where a boy seems standing in front of the Mumbai Police and playing guitar. Meanwhile, cops are also enjoying the performance. Netizens took that video and compared it with the Delhi scene writing in the caption “this is how Mumbai police treat artists Vs Delhi Police”. Undoubtedly, the scene for a moment can remind you of Ranbir Kapoor’s Movie ‘Rockstar’ where he is also standing in front of Lal Quila and a cop slaps him for his performance. So, hit the comment box and share your valuable thoughts on this, till then stay tuned with us to get more updates on the all trending news across the nation.


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