Virat Kohli Angry Over Privacy Violation In Hotel Room Anushka Sharma Gets Angry!

 Virat Kohli Angry Over Privacy Violation In Hotel Room Anushka Sharma Gets Angry!

You all must have heard about the stars and their crazy fans. Although, it feels good and sounds too. But sometimes, fans do something that not only makes their favorite stars uncomfortable but also made them furious. Recently, Cricket star Virat Kohli, shared a clip on his official Instagram account where he shown his anger or better say disappointment with his fans. In the caption down on the shared video, the cricketer wrote “Absolute Invasion Of Privacy”. It all started when a fan entered Kohli’s room in the hotel and recorded everything that how Kohli stays in the hotel room. The clip shows his belongings whatever he had at the time, from shoes to t-shirts.

Virat Kohli Hotel Room HD Video

Actually, Indian batsmen, Virat Kohli recently, re-post a video of his room where a boy is roaming around in the room and filming everything. Sharing the clip Virat Kohlli wrote some of very decent words to show his anger and experience with the hotel. He used some words such as appalling, paranoid, and so on. The man even said himself and other celebs as commodity for people. In the caption he expressed his fear and anger decently. Writing “I understand that fans get very happy and excited seeing their favourite players and get excited to meet them and I’ve always appreciated that. But this video here is appalling and it’s made me feel very paranoid about my privacy.”

Virat Kohli Hotel Room leaked Video

As soon as the video got shared and started surfacing on the social media number of celebrity came up and shown their disappointment too. On the post many of the celebs came where Australia batter David Warner also left a comment, saying: “This is ridiculous, totally unacceptable. Was this @crownperth.” Undoubtedly, it was one of the moments that a hotel should take responsibility because entering in the room of a guest is something that should never be happened as it defames the reputation. Just after Virat shared the clip, his superstar wife Anushka Sharma also left a comment and even repost the video on her Instagram story where she wrote her disappointment.

Anushka Sharma’s Reaction On Virat Kohli’s Video

Posting the clip on her Instagram story, she wrote “I Have experienced number of incidents, where fans have shown no compassion or grace in the past but this really is the worst thing. An absolute disgrace and violation of a human being and anyone who sees this and thinks celebrity ho! Toh deal karna padega should know that you are also part of the problem.” The clip has created a buzz on the social media and the hotel is facing outrage. The lady openly said and expressed her anger not only because of her star husband but also towards the privacy of a human. Continuing writing the comment she wrote “Exercising some self control helps everyone. Also, if this is happening in your bedroom then where is the line”. 


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