Viral: Woman Throws Acid At Husband In UP! Read Explained News Here

 Viral: Woman Throws Acid At Husband In UP! Read Explained News Here

Woman throws acid at husband over a fight in UP: Crime has no relation and the line turned true once again in UP when a married woman allegedly threw acid on her husband’s face just because he asked her for the reason for which the lady reached home late. On the internet many people are criticizing the lady behind her step, here you will read the truth behind the news. Well, undoubtedly, the news can wrench your heart thinking how can a lady who promises to take everything on her before it gets on her husband, done this. According to the reports, the couple first got into a verbal spat which later turned out to be an outrage, and that too at this much worst level that the lady took this step and burnt her own husband.

Viral: Woman Throws Acid At Husband In UP! Read Explained News Here

Although the news is surfacing on the web, therefore, people are searching for the headline “woman throws acid on husband over a fight in UP”. Nowadays humanity seems going down because every day several crime news are making everyone ashamed. Although the reasons behind the crime could be everything, behind every crime there is one specific reason that is called a verbal spat and the same thing happened recently in the Cooperganj area of Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur district, where a man asked his wife why she came home late night, reported by police officials. Later, the couple got into a verbal spat that caught the heat on the spot and while the argument was going on, the lady took the acid bottle and threw it on her husband’s face.

Woman Throws Acid At Husband

The victim and accused both have been identified, where the lady who threw acid, has been identified as 35 years old Poonam, on the other hand, the victim’s husband was identified as Dabbu Gupta 40 years old. While, the man is going under medical treatment after he sustained several burns over his body especially on his face, on the other side, the lady has been arrested and sent to jail.

According to the reports, when it was asked the man about the entire scene he told the news, her wife was late that night and it was 12:30 AM when he questioned her wife why she is late, she retorted saying why he is asking this and she does not feel any need to tell him, followed by which the man fumed at his wife and both gets into a heated argument. When the lady reached her home late, her husband asked her for the reasons behind coming late, but she retorted and started to abuse him. However, when the lady physically assaulted him, he manhandled her too.

After it all happened the police probed into the matter and questioned the locals around Gupta’s house, where neighbors told that the man often drinks alcohol and was a liquor addict, and he often quarrels with his wife. It looks like his wife took such an extreme step after being distressed over his drinking habit. Well, currently, the lady is hitting the bars. Stay tuned with us to get more updates.


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