Viral Video: Watch Man Drove His Car Over The Wall To Give Space To Another Car

 Viral Video: Watch Man Drove His Car Over The Wall To Give Space To Another Car

The on-screen action or stunt is not something we should apply in our daily life, but recently a video was shared on the internet after which people made the clip a hot potato actually in the viral video you will see how a man drove his car and that too in a filmy manner. However, there is no doubt that driving and riding are two different things that not everyone can master over these two especially when on the road. You must be wondering why we are talking like this, so we would like to attract your sight to a video clip which currently doing rounds on the internet since it was shared over the web.

Viral Video: Watch Man Drove His Car Over The Wall To Give Space To Another Car

If you are among the people who love watching car and bike stunts then you must be having Fast & Furious and Rohit Shetty’s movies on your watchlist. However, both are different things but the common thing between these two names is only about car stunts, such as blasting cars and flying them in the air. However, we all are in the swim that everything is fake in such movies, but still, people do try to do them and that too when they are on the road, and this is another reason for road accidents.

If you take a moment out of your time and search for the world’s craziest drivers then you will get so many videos where drivers have proved their skills by driving on the world’s most dangerous routes, and amid so many videos one started to get hype recently where a car can be seen where the man drove over the raised pavement.

Driving Skills Viral Video

So, a video recently shared on the social media platform Twitter by an account named @NextSkillslevel, the video has over 75K+ likes on it. In the viral clip, you can watch how two cars come across a narrow passage from opposite directions. When both of the cars come closer then the drivers realize that it is impossible for both cars to cross the way and that too at the same time.

On one side of the road, there is a wall while on the opposite side is raised asphalt. While one driver sides his vehicle towards the wall, the other driver grandstands his ability. No sweat, he rides over the raised asphalt and crosses the section which leaves the internet shocked. Well, it is not a new thing when a video went viral in such a manner but before this, we have watched so many videos where one showcases his driving skills and gets viral on the web.

The clip has over 9 million views along with 70k+ rising number of likes on it. Below the video, there are a number of comments and if we talk about the most attractive comments then one user wrote “That’s a real talent, not skill,” while, another wrote telling the same situation if happened in America, he commented, “If this happened in America, then both drivers would just sit there and honk at each other for like an hour while screaming obscenities”. Ending this we would like to ask you how better you think you are at driving. Hit the comment box and share your thoughts, and stay connected with Newsmint to read more news like this.


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