Viral Video: Watch Drunk Truck Driver Dragged Car For 3 KM In UP’s Meerut

 Viral Video: Watch Drunk Truck Driver Dragged Car For 3 KM In UP’s Meerut

When it comes to talking about road rage then no doubt Indian roads are also not safe, no matter if the nation does not come on the list of more road rage. Now, safety on Indian roads can be assumed that in the year 2021, a total of 2.15 lakh cases of road rage were recorded. However, so far there was no specific news trending on the web but recently news started surfacing on the internet where a huge 22-wheel container truck got recorded on camera dragging a car for around 3 km, and that too when passengers were present in the car. It must be sounding like a movie to you but the news is true. Read here till the end to know the complete incident.

Viral Video: Watch Drunk Truck Driver Dragged Car For 3 KM In UP's Meerut

A video of a 22-wheel container truck dragging a car for 3 km went viral on the internet, after which the video became the talk of the town. As soon as the video of the truck started surfacing on the web, it engaged a lot of people and now they all are demanding the arrest of the driver. According to the reports, the truck hit the car and continuously dragged the hatchback for around 3 km which is not a normal thing. The passersby were shocked to see the cruelty of the driver and one of the commuters on the road recorded the scene and shared it on his Twitter account.

Viral Video: Truck Dragging Car In UP

Until now people were saying that the driver was drunk which lead to the accident but now when the video is trending on social media it is creating a buzz and people across the nation are demanding the immediate arrest of the driver. Watching the video can quickly remind you of a Bollywood action movie. According to the reports, when the truck started pushing the Chevrolet Beat, there were 4 passengers present inside the car and as soon as the car got hit by the truck occupants somehow managed to jump off the car leaving with some minor injuries.

Now, if you are thinking that what lead to the accident then we would like to tell you that when it was asked from victims about how they met the accident they told that the driver was drunk and they even screamed for help but he didn’t listen to their voices and kept pushing the car.

When the passers-by saw the shocking incident they even shouted but the driver continued to drag them, however, later some locals complained to the police, and after 3 Km of continued dragging the police somehow managed to stop the truck by chasing him a long way. Although, some other reports are saying that first those passengers and the truck driver both met in a verbal spat on the road due to which the inebriated truck driver dragged them. Although, the investigation is going on, so stay tuned with us to get more updates on the all trending news across the nation.


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