Viral Video: Man Shifts His XUV 700 To ADAS & Enjoy The Journey Video Went Viral On Internet

 Viral Video: Man Shifts His XUV 700 To ADAS & Enjoy The Journey Video Went Viral On Internet

Viral Video XUV 700 ADAS: Advance features in cars have brought a different kind of vibe among people, but as usual, it has been launched in India and now people have begun availing it and putting their own and others’ lives in danger. Recently, a video where a man is seen misusing the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) installed in his Mahindra XUV 700 is doing rounds on the internet. Innovation is a must in the world of technology and no doubt the new generation of cars has all the mandatory and trending features in it. However, the world has many automatic cars that are self-driven, on the other side people of India are availing of features and that too to gain publicity.

Viral Video XUV 700 ADAS

Nowadays people have become so careless and greedy for fame and for this they often risk their lives without thinking about the result of their doings. The same thing recently came up in the limelight when a man was seen sitting carelessly in the running car’s driver seat. However, the car is shifted to the Automatic driver mode which is safe but still, it is just a machine and technology that can be failed probably. But the man mainly did this just to get some limelight so that he can get more followers on his IG.

Viral Video: Man Misusing ADAS Feature To Make Reel

So, before talking much about the entire scenario if we talk about the viral clip then In the video, it can be watched that a driver of the Mahindra XUV 700 is seen misusing the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Well, you all must be in the swim about the ADAS feature but if you are still not aware of it, then in easy words it refers to a technology primarily meant to prevent auto accidents. In the video, the man is shown enjoying the road trip with his wife and filming himself while on the road. In the viral clip, you can watch how the driver appears to be relaxing by placing his feet over the headrest of the passenger’s seat. He is seen leaving his car unattended and dangerously misusing the ADAS technology installed in the Mahindra XUV 700. 

The clip was recently shared on Twitter by a user who goes online as @Xroaders_001. In the video, he captioned “Just randomly happened to come across a reel !! Trust, me you would not see such bizarre & moronic stuff related to Automobile stuff !! Unreal just for reel @anandmahindra @MahindraXUV700 it’s a travesty that we have to share roads with people like these…This is just insane !!

Netizens’ Reaction On Viral Video XUV 700 ADAS

Now, the video is doing rounds on the internet where a man leaving the car’s steering wheel to make a video with his wife is going viral on social media. People on the internet are reacting to the clip. While some are showing their anger saying he is not only putting his life in danger but his wife’s along with him. On the other side, some are taking this as fun. However, the place where the video is filmed is not known but the internet is searching more on it.

No doubt Instagram and Facebook over time have become one of the most favorite platforms to get the limelight and undoubtedly, Indian folks are getting crazy to be famous. Without being scared of what can happen ahead they keep doing such things to be in the trending section of Instagram. Now, just in the greed to get more likes and followers people attempt some sort of action that ends up with massive troubles. So, hit the comment box and share your thoughts on this incident. 


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