Viral Video: Man Punching Co-Passenger Mid-Air On Biman Bangladesh Flight

 Viral Video: Man Punching Co-Passenger Mid-Air On Biman Bangladesh Flight

Just after a new thing happens in the terms of an incident or mishappening it becomes the trend nowadays and since we got to know about the mid-air brawl between 2 passengers on the flight it again caught the hype and we have been getting news about brawls and that too in the air (flights). From strangers fighting to stranger peeing on a lady inebriated. There are many videos trending on the internet and recently another clip was dropped on social media where a shirtless man was seen fighting with a co-passenger, the scene happened inside a flight which is operated by Biman Bangladesh, the national carrier of Bangladesh.

Biman Bangladesh Flight viral video man fighting

Undoubtedly, fights in flights have been making headlines for a long time and in the past weeks, a couple of news has been seen. Now, keeping an eye on the current scenario saying this won’t be bad that if the situation would not be taken under control then flights will have the same reputation as local trains and buses have. After two men fought in a plane, another news came where a man in business class of Air India urinated on a female co-passenger and the news created more buzz when no action was taken against the man, however, now the investigation team is taking care of the man because the case caught hype but it took too long, perhaps this is the thing why people are not scared of tiffs in flights because they know they will be freed without any action.

Mid-Air Brawl On Biman Bangladesh Flight

So, recently a video was shared on Twitter where a man was seen having a heated argument with a co-passenger seated in the front row of the flight, and just after the moment, the man starts punching the co-passenger seating in the front row. However, the video was shot from behind therefore not much can be watched in the video. Also, the one who is getting beaten is seating therefore he seems to be so powerless because he is not able to open his hands. The weird thing about the video is, the shirtless man who is beating another one starts crying while serving him punches. Here you can watch the video that is captioned “Another ‘Unruly Passenger’. This time on a Biman Bangladesh Boeing 777 flight!” reads the caption.

Netizens’ Reaction To Mid-Air Flight

Now, as the video went viral, people commented on their disappointment with the scene which is just an expected thing. Talking about the comments so a user wrote “This is one of the South Asia-wide problems. The decimated underclass people are given overseas jobs but no lessons in courtesy. Will happen more and more I’m sure. There should be stiff penalties and an example made of him”, while another wrote ”Nowadays there is no standard left in flights. Educated & uneducated have become equal and are behaving rudely with Airhostess and co-passengers. This will imperil to Airplane & its commuters. It might be possible for a fatal accident. There must be at least some strict law enforcement & ban for life”.

So, as per this, you can take the idea that how some people are ruining the class by doing such behaviors. You can read here about Man Urinated On Female Co-passenger on Air India Flight. Although, before the scene, another video went viral where two men first met in a heated verbal spat which later turned into a physical fight on a Thai Smile Airways Bangkok-India flight bound for Kolkata. What do you think about this situation? Hit the comment box and share your valuable thoughts. Stay tuned with us to read other trending news.


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