Viral Video: Brawl Between Guards & Residents In Noida’s Hyde Park Society

 Viral Video: Brawl Between Guards & Residents In Noida’s Hyde Park Society

Viral Video: Hey, you all must have heard about fights that begin on a very small topic. However, every fight has a very small topic that sparks the argument and things turn into a massive fight that sometimes results in taking lives. Whether you talk about the arguments in the neighborhood or on roads, every time you will see people fighting, ask them why they are threatening each other. You must get the answer from someone that it is just a nonsense thing over which both parties eagerly want to kill each other. The same thing happened in Noida’s  Hyde Park Society in Noida Sector 78, where a bunch of residents slapped security guards and slapped too.

Noida fighting ladies viral video hd

Well, the video went viral on the internet after which people are saying that those guards do not deserve to be beaten and that too this way. But, sources have claimed that it all started when 2 groups of the same residents. Actually, both of the groups were participating in an election called Body Election. Allegedly, guards of the society were helping the other group in the election therefore the first got offended. However, the next reason you will read, you may laugh for sure.  The entire brawl was recorded by people and one of the videos went viral on the internet.

Women Slapping Guards Video Went Viral

In the video you will see how a bunch of people is shoving guards, meanwhile, a lady comes from the crowd and slaps the man guard, and just after that moment another lady beats a lady guard and pull her hair. Although, people massively gathered there and created havoc on the ground. The brawl praised that police came and then all of them stopped. When it was asked to the ladies why they slapped guards. The lady replied, “We two were there in the argument just to know what happened but the guards shoved her and her friend and we got injured”. However, it was a riot kind of argument as there were a lot of people, perhaps the ladies got shoved unknowingly.

Although, the ladies perhaps got injured unknowingly, watching the video can show that guards were also trying to be the boss there, as some of the male and female guards seeing waving their sticks in the air and threatening residents. A woman among all said “we all were gathered there for a general board meeting but they (guards) came and first started abusing us, while another guard came and started to beat us with his rod.

Later, he turned the lights off and abuse them”. The lady even proved this by showing her injured hand. Well, the case is officially registered in the police station and the police are probing into the case. If you have not watched the video so you should watch it. Also, share your opinions on this case. Well, other reports have said that previously guards got into a verbal spat with a Zomato delivery guy, while on another day men and guards fought over a dog in the complex.


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