Viral News: Delhi Police ASI Shambhu Dayal Stabbed To Death By Thief In Mayapuri

 Viral News: Delhi Police ASI Shambhu Dayal Stabbed To Death By Thief In Mayapuri

Very shocking news surfaced on the internet after a CCTV footage of a man stabbing a Delhi Police ASI Shambhu Dayal went viral. According to the sources, the shocking incident happened in Delhi when a thief stole someone’s mobile phone, the Delhi Police Cop tried to stop him and they both got into a tiff as well. However, the thief stood up and stabbed the cop multiple times followed which the policeman died. Well, the video started doing rounds on the internet and now people are very scared of the capital asking so many questions about the law and order system, which is also an expected thing.

ASI Shambhu Dayal HD images delhi police stabbed to death in mayapuri

As per the official statement, the Delhi Police recovered CCTV footage of a man killing a cop in Delhi. The cop is identified as an assistant sub-inspector (ASI) named Shambhu Dayal who got stabbed multiple times by a man who was nabbed for an alleged mobile phone theft in West Delhi’s Mayapuri area, reportedly. In the video it can be seen how the two are fighting with each other, however, some people including a lady and a man tried to come in between to separate them but the accused shows them the knife which all the passers-by backed off.

Cop Stabbed To Death In Delhi

In the video, some children can be seen too who eye witnessed the entire scene. If you have not watched the video then in the clip you can watch how Dayal (ASI) chases the man and the moment he shoved him off on the floor, the man first thinks that he would be caught, but later he takes a knife out of his back and stabbed multiple times due to which the ASI suffered injuries. However, the cop kicked the bucket while undergoing treatment. Now, the video is circulating on the web and spreading fear.

There is no doubt that Delhi and its neighbor cities got a rise in all criminal activities and this is a very shameful act against the law and order of the state mainly the capital of the Nation. In today’s era, most teenagers are found indulging in criminal activities and later became notorious. Now, this is what people called a slap on the law & order. It is almost 2 weeks since we enter 2023 and we have seen so much crime news so far. 

According to the reports, a theft report was written in Delhi’s Mayapuri police station last Wednesday, when a lady visited the PS for filing a complaint against a man who first snatched her phone and later even threatened the lady. ASI Dayal reached the spot for investigation meanwhile, he accidentally met with the accused and both got into a physical fight. Later, when ASI Dayal got stabbed, police sparked an investigation into the matter where the accused was identified as Anish. However, much information on the incident is yet to come so stay tuned with us to get more updates on all trending news across the nation.


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