Viral Video: UP Cop Showcasing His Rifle Loading Talent Leaves Everyone Laughed

 Viral Video: UP Cop Showcasing His Rifle Loading Talent Leaves Everyone Laughed

Viral Video: On the internet, we daily see different news that sometimes makes us laugh and cry too. Undoubtedly, there are several news trending on social media and amid all of them, one news or better say a clip went viral on the web where cops are showing their shooting skills to their higher officer. You must be wondering how can this type of scene make someone laugh. Well, it is because cops are supposed to perform these skills very sharply but when it comes to talking about UP Police, it is not hidden from anyone that the cops of UP police are extraordinary. Well, the latest news about UP police can make you laugh again.

UP Police Viral Video: UP Cop Showcasing His Rifle Loading Talent Leaves Everyone Laughed

Recently, a video dropped on the internet where a Deputy Inspector General (DIG) visited a police station for a surprise inspection. The incident which happened at the PS not only shocked the audience but also forced them to laugh. In a viral video from a UP police station, a Sub-Inspectior seems to hold a rifle and tell his higher officer how to hold and load the rifle. Well, we as civilians always expect our police to do everything right in an exact manner, especially when it comes to talking about weapons, only govt officials  (cops & army) have the illegal right to showcase how a gun works, but it seems like some of the cops from UP police have spoiled the name of the department.

UP Sub-Inspector Rifle Fail

So, the incident came to view when Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) RK Bhardwaj visited to the police station in Sant Kabir Nagar for a surprise inspection. In the viral video, you will see how a Sub-Inspector is forcing his higher officer to laugh. It is all because when the SI was asked to show how he loads a rifle. The serious inspection turns out to be a joke on the spot. As the Sub-Inspector tries to insert the bullet straight through the muzzle, treating the gun like a cannon from a couple of centuries ago.

In the video, you will hear the DIG asking the SI “How would you load a gun”, however, the SI starts telling him a scenario instead of performing the action. But the inspecting officer told him not to narrate but demonstrate. But as soon as the inspector performs, it makes everyone laugh. Actually, the sub-inspector inserts the bullet direct from the muzzle, and later when he was asked to take the position, the bullet slides out. In the video, you can see how the officer is trying to hold his laugh while others are also respecting DIG’s presence at the spot. The inspecting officers leave the place suggesting the cop keep practicing. The viral video has been seen more than a thousand times. 


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