Who Killed Thais Rocha Secundino? Model & Businesswoman Stabs To Death Read Complete News

 Who Killed Thais Rocha Secundino? Model & Businesswoman Stabs To Death Read Complete News

A piece of very sad and heart-wrenching news broke out on social media recently followed by which created a buzz among a lot of people. Actually, we are talking about the famous Brazilian model Thais Rocha Secundino who was among the successful businesswomen in the town. She was the owner of a nightclub in the same town. As soon as the news of her shocking demise started surfacing on the web her followers and closed ones started mourning her death. Also, it has become a center of a controversy that how did she die because the Brazilian model and nightclub owner was found dead in her car with 11 stab wounds in Sao Paulo. So, if you are searching for how did Thais Rocha die? then be here till the end.

Who Killed Thais Rocha Secundino? Model & Businesswoman Stabs To Death Read Complete News

So, recently news started surfacing on the web where it came to know that Thaís Rocha Secundino, a Brazilian model and nightclub owner found dead in her car, and when the body was discovered by the police officials, it came to known that the girl has 11 stab wounds across the body mainly on neck, abdomen, back and more. Her fans are saddened by the news of her passing and some are even commenting that someone close did it was jealous of her success. The news caught fire when the police report broke out publicly on Feb 3rd. Believing the reports, the victim had many stab wounds to her neck, abdomen, and back, which shows that it was all personal.

Who Was Thais Rocha Secundino?

Despite being so famous in the country the lady does not have an official Wikipedia but her fan following speaks it all. Thaís Rocha Secundino was a Brazilian model and businesswoman. She was just 28 years old at the time of her death and was the owner of a number of other businesses such as night club and wine cellars. Looking at her official Instagram can show you how many people used to love her. She goes online as @thaisrocha_angel_ and on her official Instagram account, she has over 23.4k followers. In her bio, she has mentioned her both business club and wine cellar.

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Thais Rocha Death Cause

The Brazilian model Thais Rocha was found dead in her jeep car on 3rd February in São Paulo, Brazil. The police officials have stated that she died after she was stabbed multiple times in the abdomen and back and other parts of the body. However, the murder weapon is yet to be discovered as police are investigating the matter. The investigation officer Ivalda Aleixo stated that Secundino, who owned several nightclubs, was killed “over issues involving alleged embezzlement” of her businesses.

Who Killed Thais Rocha Secundino? Model & Businesswoman Stabs To Death Read Complete News

Who Killed Thais Rocha?

However, the police is looking into the matter and they are searching fore more evidences, but when it was asked to her boyfriend about the incident asking if he knows anything about Rocha before she left house, so on this Thais Rocha’s boyfriend said that “Thaís had gone to meet her friend to get an explanation from her, but then she didn’t return home”. Also, her boyfriend said that there are strong indications that Thai’s friends have killed her.

After the allegations made by model’s boyfriend police arrested two people. The two people who are currently in the custody are Leandro Aparecido Dos Santos a 45-year-old male driver, and 31 years old Cintia Maria Feliciano Peixe. Both are Thais’s friends therefore police taken them to the police custody and according to the reports, the two will be under custody for 30 days becaue of the “heinous” nature of the crime and strong allegations. Although, police is saerching for more information on the incident. Our saddest condolences are with her family and friends. Comment down your prespective on a successfull brazillian businesswoman’s brutual murder.


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