Thailand Mass Shooting Update: More than 35 People Including Children Were Killed

 Thailand Mass Shooting Update: More than 35 People Including Children Were Killed

Thailand Shooting: There is no doubt that in this world now everyone is trying to be the boss and sometimes for proving this, people do take the wrong path that later results worst. We have been scrolling through crime news daily and every time we see a piece of news it must include a bunch of strayed people who have come under the influence or something forced them to do this. Recently, another heart-wrenching news came from Thailand where more than 30 people including kids got killed in a mass shooting. According to the sources the shocking incident happened in Daycare Centre Thailand.

Who Is Panya Khamrab?


According to the reports, a total of 38 people where 22 kids (reportedly) were killed on Thursday, and the entire shocking scene occurred at a children’s daycare center located in a northeastern province of Thailand. Police officials after an investigation told sources that the killer was an ex-police officer. Later, after killing all those present there, the man took his life too by shooting himself. As soon as the news started surfacing on the web it created a buzz everywhere post and the entire city was shaken by the scene. Believing the reports by the police officials, the man also killed his wife and son too and later killed himself, he retired from the police department last year. However, not everyone’s identification has been done but so far it came to know that 2 years old kids were among the victims.

Thailand Mass Shooting Suspect

Well, saying this won’t be bad that the crime rate in Thailand has risen in past few years and now it seems that people are not scared of punishment or anything else they do not care about humanity only thing they care about is, revenge or anything that is popping their mind, it can be anything, it can be an influence or some old grudges that ones is suffering from but killing is not the solution, however, the govt is taking strict actions against culprits and they have made their law even more strict for rule breaker but the one who has determined what he or she has to do by the end of the day, they will do it anyhow no matter what it is going to be caused or cost, only one thing is a crime will go on. It is not a new thing in the country but it has been happening for a long time the govt and the officials should have now taken more strict actions in it so that it would be a safe place.

Who Is Panya Khamrab?

The officials have stated that the man opened fire in the early times of the afternoon in the center of the town of Nongbua Lamphu. Later the identification of the man was confirmed. The suspect was identified as an ex-police officer named Panya Khamrab, the man entered the center along with a knife and a gun, reportedly. One of the spokespersons from the police department said that he was fired from the service due to some drug-related reasons. Now, as per this, you can take the idea that the man perhaps was not mentally stable.

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District official Jidapa Boonsom told sources that the man entered the center when the lunch was going on and at that time almost everyone was out for lunch, “he began shooting with killing around 5 staff members including a teacher who was 8 months pregnant”. ‘”I thought it was a firework” she added. Social media is shaken by the video where the corpses can be seen covered with the sheets and the scene can wrench your heart when you will see bodies lying in a pool of blood. Undoubtedly, the gun ownership ratio is higher in Thailand as compared to other countries and this is also a big reason that people do keep weapons with them but they do not have control over their brains which is really needed. 


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