Sweety Weds Sheru: Dogs Wedding In Gurgaon Held With Hindu Rituals See Pics & Clips

 Sweety Weds Sheru: Dogs Wedding In Gurgaon Held With Hindu Rituals See Pics & Clips

Sweety Weds Sheru: The Internet is fully loaded with one the most strange news, and as you all know that people of India are shifting slowly toward western culture from living in a relationship to getting their pets married the western culture has gripped us. It is a universal truth that a human loves his pet more than anyone else around him and for them they do so many things that sometimes create buzz. The same thing happened in Haryana’s Gurugram formerly known as Gurgaon, where a couple organized their dogs’ wedding according to Hindu methodology. The wedding has become a hot potato in the town and it is named Sheru Weds Sweety.

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In western culture, people do get their pets married mainly Canines. However, it is not a new thing to be heard but the fact is, in India, we have seen people celebrating their dogs’ birthdays with great pomp and show. Although, some people married their dogs to another one that is only a normal thing that happens when an owner hands over his or her pet to another one. But in Gurugram the dog wedding is held in the same way that we see human beings getting married doing all the rituals such as Mehndi and Haldi rasam. In Gurgaon’s dog marriage, Haldi rasam was also performed by both families and it has blown everyone’s mind. People are making fun of the wedding saying what guests would have eaten Pedigree or drools?

Sweety Weds Sheru Dog Wedding In Gurgaon

On the internet, the most searched thing you will find today is Sweety & Sheru’s wedding. So, according to the reports, Sheru & Sweety are two stray dogs that recently took seven vows along with all the Hindu rituals and tied the knot. The amazing wedding took place in Jile Singh Colony in Palam Vihar Extension on the 14th of November 2022. The wedding ceremony had all the rituals that we usually see in Hindu weddings such as 7-Phere (seven vows around the fire), Haldi Rasam (Mayun), and also Baraat. A bunch of people gathered to witness a strange and enjoyable wedding.

The couple said that it was their source of happiness and as they are an infertile couple so they adopted the dog (sweety) and nourished it as their own child. Another amazing thing about the wedding is, as it was all performed in the same Hindu manner, around 100 invitation cards were sent to the people of their locality and closed ones and amazingly almost everyone attended the wedding ceremony of Sweety & Sheru.

Owners’ Statment On Wedding

Savita (owner of Dog Sweety), in a statement, said “we ain’t a child and I love pets and my husband also do the same, while I love to feed dogs, my husband used to go to the temple every weekend to feed animals and one day a stray dog chased my husband to the home, later we adopted the dog and named her as Sweety since she entered our life, happiness has stepped into our lives too, it has almost 3 years we are nourishing Sweety”. Savita in another statement said that people always suggest that Sweety should be married as they think of her as their own child. So, the couple finally decided to organize a wedding along with the all-Hindu methodology.

Manita (Owner of the male dog Sheru) said, that the idea of this wedding was come up jokingly but later we decided to make it and we did. Both of the ladies said that people were making fun saying that police will nab them and put them behind the bars but we are not bothered by that because they want the happiness of their kids (dogs). Well, the wedding has been done today 14th November 2022, our best wishes are with the families. Stay in the loop for more trending news.


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