Sonipat: Husband Shot Wife Over An Argument Wife Denies For Investigation

 Sonipat: Husband Shot Wife Over An Argument Wife Denies For Investigation

Haryana’s Sonipat recently came to headlines after a man allegedly shot his wife in her chest, the lady suffered injuries but when it was asked her to file a complaint against her husband, she denied filing complaint. This is not a first time when a domestic violence happened and spouse denied of filing FIR against her husband but before this it has happened several time. Here is the complete update on the case that we found so far on the internet.

Sonipat: Husband Shot Wife Over An Argument: Wife Denies For Investigation

Sonipat Lady Statment On Her Husband

Actually, the shocking incident happened in Haryana’s Sonipat district’s Bindroli village, where a verbal spat turned out to be a physical fight and a man shot his wife followed by which the wife got injured, and her brother-in-law took her to the near hospital. Later, the Haryana police filed a complaint against husband under attempt to murder charges. According to the police statement, lady named Praveen (38) told police that she lives in Bindroli Village of Sonipat District.

Her husband Manoj returned to home around 10:15 PM and kept his gun in the almirah. Later, she opened the almirah where the gun was kept and she was taking some clothes out to ironed but unknowingly, the gun fall off and somehow the trigger pulled due to which a bullet fire and hit direct her breast. She even said that her husband was not at home at the time of incident therefore she does not want to blame her husband into the matter.

Police Statement On Case

Later, in the police investigation it came to know that just after getting the call from the spot the FSL team reached the spot and started investigating in the matter. ASI Sunil stated that “we have searched into the matter and observed this case with every angle, and it is totally lie as it is not possible with a gun that its trigger got pulled automatically and a gun shot broke”.

Later, the assistant sub inspector Sunil said that it is a clear case that man Manoj and his wife Praveen was in a verbal spat that turned physical fight and later he took his gun out and pulled the trigger towards his wife with clear intentions of killing her. Well, much information on this case are yet to announce therefore we would like to make a request not to spread any rumor claiming the same and wait until the real fact comes out. Stay tuned to get more updates across the nation.


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