Who Was Shraddha? Horrific Murder Mystery Solved After 6 Months In Mehrauli

 Who Was Shraddha? Horrific Murder Mystery Solved After 6 Months In Mehrauli

Humanity is ashamed once again after a very heart-wrenching recently occurred in Delhi, the mishap can shiver your heart, as it came up as a barbaric act. The word Barbaric we used because in this case a boy named Aftab not only killed his girlfriend Shraddha but chopped her body into 36 pieces and kept it under a fridge for 18 days. Later, he threw the chopped body parts in different places in the capital and its neighborhood. As soon as the news started surfacing on the internet it created a buzz and now it has become the talk of the town. Here is the complete update on how Aftab did this shameful thing that has shaken everyone.

Shraddha Murder mystery

According to the sources, the Delhi police recently arrested a man named Aftab for killing and chopping his live-in partner Sharddha. However, the man tried every single way to escape the clutches of law, but Delhi police on Saturday nabbed him after which they blew the lid off the shocking gory, and grisly incident that the Aftab the evil did. Reports have stated that Sharddha 26 years old, wanted to marry him as they were living together for a long time but Aftab was fed up with her, and just to shut the girl he chopped her into 36 pieces.

Who Was Shraddha?

However, the news has started to trend now, but believing the sources the incident happened 6 months ago and since Aftab was on run, therefore, police nabbed him finally on Saturday 12th November 2022. As it was completely planned by Aftab therefore, he threw the body parts into the surroundings of Delhi. After his arrest, the man even confessed that he was about to leave the country as he was changing the cities. Shraddha’s assassin boyfriend was under the radar of Delhi police after it came up that her body was disposed of in pieces by the accused.

After the arrest was made against him, police investigate and probed him. Where he replied that he first brought a big enough fridge to keep his body out of odor. After killing Sharddha he chopped her body into 35-36 pieces. He even said that he used to leave his house at 2 AM at midnight to discard the pieces across Delhi. According to the police reports the couple used to work at a call center in Mumbai. When Shraddha’s parents got to know about their relationship they stood against her. After which they eloped and came to Delhi and started living in Mehrauli together.

Who Was Aftab?

However, despite running away for a long time, Aftab did not marry her and when he got fed up with the girl, he broke her to pieces. Other police statements also revealed that the family was aware of their whereabouts through social media posts. So her parents were not worried about their child as long as they kept getting updates from Shraddha but when they stopped getting updates from their daughter, Shraddha’s father got worried and went home to Mehrauli, but when When he came to know about the missing of his daughter, he lodged a complaint after which an investigation was done in search of Shraddha where it was found that her lover Aftab had killed her and not a single part of the body was left behind.


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