“Red Light On Car Off” Campaign 2022 Not To Begin From Today! AAP Govt Latest News

 “Red Light On Car Off” Campaign 2022 Not To Begin From Today! AAP Govt Latest News

“Red Light On Car Off”: Well, the latest news has come up for Delhi people where Kejriwal Govt has put a pause on the “Redlight On Engine Off” campaign. The Environment minister Gopal Rai Alleges that LG has made a break on this campaign. According to the reports, the file which was sent to seek permission for starting the campaign has been withheld by the LG and it is yet to get approval for the same. Now, in this situation when the application has not been approved it has been seen that the campaign won’t start from today 28th October 2022.

Red Light On Car Off campaign 2022

Well, as you all know that Delhi’s CM has been criticizing the central govt for the all wrong deeds that have been done so far by him, and trying to manipulate things from his end. He tweeted where he tried to show displeasure over the postponed of his campaign. In his tweet, he wrote that his govt wants to wipe the pollution but he is not getting permission and the file is hanging in the middle. The man even wrote that his govt wants to make Delhi’s air better but due to the dirty politics he can’t do anything. Writing ahead he wrote, these small steps play a very major role in reducing pollution but this dirty politics is not letting us do our jobs. At least please don’t play with people’s life.

Environment Minister Gopal Rai expressed his pain too through a tweet where he said that the LG has put the brakes on our efforts to clean the air of Delhi. “As we did the redlight on engine off a campaign last year on October 28, it was supposed to begin again from the same date but the LG is not giving approval on this therefore, we are not able to make Delhi’s air clean”. The man even clarified the ratio of pollution level saying that the campaign reduces the pollution level by 20 Percent alongside, and fuel worth Rs 250 Crore is also gets saved by this campaign. In another line, Gopal Rai said that “politics has its own separate place but we should not compromise with Delhi’s people’s breath”.

Well, you all must be in the swim that the campaign was started 2 years back where a quite good impression was seen in the air quality that also saved fuel as well. Keeping an eye on the benefits of this campaign the government decided to bring this again so that they would manage to reduce the pollution level. In his statement Gopal Rai also said that they can believe that LG must be busy with some other work but how can we believe that LG does not have time to sign our sent file when he has time to write daily letters to CM? According to the experts, it has been said that the pollution of vehicles is the highest in 30 percent of Delhi’s pollution. A person crosses about 10 to 12 intersections from morning to evening.


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