Palam Murder Case Boy Killed Family After They Scold Not To Take Drugs

 Palam Murder Case Boy Killed Family After They Scold Not To Take Drugs

A piece of heart-wrenching incident where a 25 years old boy named Keshav end his own family by stabbing them to death. The incident happened when the boy was high on mushrooms and his family scolded him for not taking drugs, the boy turned into a devil and stabbed his entire family right away. Where he killed his father, mother, sister, and grandmother. The shocking event occurred recently, and now as it is surfacing over the web it has been creating buzz followed by which the boy is facing much media outrage. Here is the complete case update.

delhi palam murder case boy killed mother and father for drugs

According to the reports, the accused has been identified as 25 year’s old Keshav who was unemployed since Diwali and going through depression. He started taking drugs and got habitual. When last night his father scolded him for not doing drugs, he slit his family, where killing his father, mother, sister, and grandmother who have been identified as Dinesh Kumar (42), his wife Darshan Saini (40), mother (boy’s grandmother) Deewano Devi (75) and daughter Urvashi (22). In a police statement, it came to know that the boy was in a rehabilitation center and recently came back after the treatment but despite being treated in the center he did not stop taking drugs and while he was high on mushrooms, he took his own family’s life.

Delhi Palam Murder Case

The shocking incident occurred in Delhi’s Palam. The police investigated the matter and they said that the 25 years old Keshav was scolded not to take drugs on which he got furious and murdered his family. When police reached the spot they found 2 bodies in the bathroom wrapped in blood while 2 were discovered in the Bedroom. According to the latest reports, the mishap took place on Tuesday night around 10 PM, when Keshav’s (Accused) cousin called the police and told them about the scene. His cousin told police that he heard Urvashi’s (the accused’s sister) scream and then he reached the room but Keshav told him to leave the house as it is a family matter. 

Keshav’s cousin Kuldeep stated, “I returned home around 9.15-9.30 pm. 10 minutes later, I heard my cousin Urvashi scream for help. I went upstairs and knocked on the door. We tried to break it open. My cousin Keshav called us out from inside and told us to go away, saying it is a family matter”. He called the police and some man, while the men reached the spot they were trying to break the door and Kuldeep heard a noise, later, he saw Keshav escaping on scooty. But he managed to catch him and handed over to the police. Well, the police have sparked an investigation into matter, and more updates are yet to known, because here it is going to be a big trouble for those who got him drugs. Stay tuned to get more updates.


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