Ola Electric Scooter Fraud Of Over Crores Rupees Exposed In Gurgaon By Cyber Cell

 Ola Electric Scooter Fraud Of Over Crores Rupees Exposed In Gurgaon By Cyber Cell

You all must have heard about fraud, well, it is not a new thing to hear about because we live in a world where everyone is doing fraud somehow, and almost every 10th person is indulging in such activity. Talking about the center of fraud so you must find something nearby. The same thing happened when a group of 20 people looted a big amount Very shocking news recently came up from Telangana where a bunch of people cheated more than a thousand people on the pretext of advance booking of Ola electric scooter. According to the latest reports, a total of 20 people have been arrested in the case and a huge amount’s loot has been reported so far.

Ola Electric scooter fraud HD images

As you all know that the booking of Ola scooters is going online therefore the fraudsters availed it and made a huge amount making fools of people. Now, the locations can tell you about how expanded their fraud plan was and if it would not have unveiled then they would have done something extraordinary on the pretext of booking an Ola scooter. According to the police reports, a total of 20 people were nabbed in the fraud where the police arrested two from Karnataka, four from Telangana, three from Jharkhand, and 11 from Bihar. The accused committed that they were using a fake website where they redirect people to their website.

Ola Electric Scooter Fraud

Another thing that has shaken the system is around 38 smart phones, 25 keypad phones, seven laptops, one dongle, 114 SIM cards, two hard disks, and two smartwatches, used in the crime of their possession. This is what police got from the spot and apart from this cops found 25 bank accounts and four wallets, that have been frozen by cops. You must be thinking that how such a big clan was looting people and how did it expose them. So, according to the reports, Gopal Singh resident of Kanjhawala, complained in the cyber cell of the outer northern district, about the fraud of 31 thousand rupees in the name of booking Ola Electric Scooty.

The investigation team associated with the leadership of Cyber ​​Cell Inspector Raman Singh began a technical investigation, where it came to know that the roots of the fraud were mainly started to expand from Banglore, where TV Venkatakhala, a denizen of Bangalore, a web developer and designer got arrested. On his command, Nagesh used to control police department’s website, got also arrested. TV Venkatakhala told sources that it was only Nagesh who created the website as it is as Ola electric. When Nagesh and TV Venkatakhala were produced in the court, then it came to know that the entire gang was working from Bihar.

Who is Nagesh? Ola Scooter Fraud Mastermind

Later on, Police made a plan where they told Nagesh to call the rest of fraudsters saying he is in Delhi for some work and planning to organize a get together. Nagesh then did the same and told everyone to come to Delhi along with their laptops and mobiles. After the call police arrested two more people named Rakesh Kumar and Sushant Kumar, burghers of Bihar who came to assemble near Medanta Hospital, Sector 38, Gurugram Haryana. Later it came to know that his rest of associates are working from Panchi Bihar (Bihar’s village). Adding clues to clue police nabbed everyone and currently all of them are hitting the bars.

Another interesting thing about the gang is, accused admitted that they used to talk to customers in a girl’s voice as it attracts people and they do listen it too. Later on they also told that they first ask to victims to pay Rs 499 online for the sake of registration and then asked them to deposit money for the transport registration, insurance and other items. Well, much information is yet to come on the case, as the team is still investigating in the matter. Stay in the loop to get more updates.


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