Noida Woman Sitting On Scorpio Bonnet Video Went Viral On Twitter

 Noida Woman Sitting On Scorpio Bonnet Video Went Viral On Twitter

Noida Woman Viral Stunt Video: A very shocking incident has recently buzzed the internet after it went viral. Yes, we are talking about a recently performed stunt by a lady from Noida. A video on social media has to trend from the past couple of days where a lady is seen sitting on the bonnet of Mahindra Scorpio, even though there is a song playing in the background that usually boys use just to show off their so-called luxurious life. After the video went viral on social media, UP police initiated an arrest of the lady and even seized the SUV. You all must be keen to know more about the lady and the entire scene, so be here till the end to know all the complete details that we fetched for you.

Noida Viral Woman stunt video

In today’s modern age these kinds of stunts have become unnecessarily mandatory, no matter if you don’t like it but it will happen to watch this you need not go anywhere but if you peek from your window someone in your neighborhood must see doing all this. Although, today’s generation always try to become goon of their area, and just in showing off they sometimes do worst for themselves. However, it is not a new thing when someone shared a video sitting on the bonnet but before this, there are so many videos available on the internet where you can see people mainly teenagers and youngsters (school college-going guys) making reels and sharing them online. People do record videos with weapons, performing bike stunts, car stunts, and whatnot. The same thing happened with this lady sitting on the bonnet of the car. Here is the video you can check.

Noida Woman Sitting On Scorpio Bonnet

The short clip on social media went viral like a fire in the forest and as soon as it became the talk of the town, the clip somehow reached the police where the department got to know about the video and started to investigate the matter. Some online sources have said that the lady was performing a stunt but she was not intended to record it someone on the road recorded her and drop it on social media followed by which the clip caught the attention of thousands of people in UP, Noida, and Delhi-NCR. As per the reports, the incident happened in Noida’s sector 75 where the lady was seen sitting on the bonnet of a black Scorpio. However, the police seized the car but they have not opened about lady’s name.


In the video, you can see that the car is not in speed, and the lady also doing nothing but sitting without saying anything to anyone which makes it no deal to think about. But despite talking about those viral videos on social media where people abuse girls and animals and perform so many vulgar things and even threaten people, social media catches these kinds of people who do nothing but live a moment of their life. However, it is a risky thing no doubt but still, the car was not at speed and they were not risking anyone’s life but yes theirs.


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