New Traffic Challan 2023: Delhi Police Released Rates! Minors Will Pay Huge Amount If Caught

 New Traffic Challan 2023: Delhi Police Released Rates! Minors Will Pay Huge Amount If Caught

Here is the news that may steal your sleep! Well, if you are one of those who consider themselves as a boss on the road then it may help you otherwise you are safe. The Delhi Traffic police have announced new traffic rules, breaking which can lead you to end up behind the bars. Keeping an eye on the rising road rages cases and other incidents that makes the situation worst from now if anyone violets the traffic terms then the individual has to repent. In the past year we have seen many accidents on the roads and most of the times mishap occurs due to other’s irresponsibility. You must be searching about the news, well if yes, read this article till the end.

New Traffic Challan 2023: Delhi Police Released Rates! Minors Will Pay Huge Amount If Caught

Entering the year 2023 the road management and the law and order seems getting hard on the people who do not obey them the exact way. It is not hidden from anyone that Delhi police always try to illuminate people about the road safety terms but still delhites perhaps don’t feel up to obey them. Therefore, the traffic police has implemented some new rules and this time no avail would be given to anyone, no matter if someone belongs to any background. Recently, a video clip shot around Huda City Centre metro station (Gurugram) went viral on the internet where a police officer seems standing among people and telling them about the good quality helmet and its benefits.

New Traffic Challans 2023

Now the Delhi Traffic Police has all set to ensure that the rules are being followed as per the expectations or not. Meanwhile, the same time, the traffic police has become strict in Gurugram too. The clalla rate and punishment for violating the same has become strict as compared before, and it all because of the rising rate of road accidents. Since we entered the 2023 number of accidents happened on the 1st ever day of the year and this is what forced police to make more strict plans.

  • Wrong side Driving: Rs 500 to Rs 25,000.
  • Withouth License : Rs 5000.
  • Drive without seat belt and helmet: Rs.1000.
  • Invalid number plate: Rs 3,000.
  • Tinted Windows: Rs 10,000
  • Passenger Not Wearing Seatbelt on the back: Rs. 1000
  • Minor Driving: 25,000 fine on the vehicle owner and 3 years in jail.
  • Riding Motorcycle wearing slippers: Rs. 1,000

So, from now passengers sitting on the back will have to wear the seat belt too and you can not ride a motorcycles wearing slippers. However, from getting tinted windows to show-off to driving in the wrong lane, everyone has to pay a heavy amount of challan.

According to a survey, the Traffic Police Delhi nabed more than 332 people out of which more than 41 challans were found aginst those who drive with black tinted windows. While, half out of half were against people not wearing seat belt on the back seat, where some found driving without licence and before the age, and the rest of people paid penalty for being in the wrong lane. Now, the main thing to focus on is, if people really do follow the rules as they are made or not? Stay in touch with to read more updates from your surroundings.


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