New Orleans News: 1 Died, 4 Got Injured After A Man Opened Fire During Bacchus Parade Before Mardi Gras

 New Orleans News: 1 Died, 4 Got Injured After A Man Opened Fire During Bacchus Parade Before Mardi Gras

A piece of very shocking news broke on the internet recently followed by which created a buzz over social media and that too globally. Yes, we are talking about one of the most trending and horrific news of the day, where 5 shot during the New Orleans’ Bacchus parade. Following the online reports, it also came to know that the list of deceased also includes a child. Well, no doubt that it is one of the saddest news of the day and mainly from the carnival that is soon going to be started. So, if you are also searching for New Orleans’ Bacchus parade news then be here till the end to read the complete news.

New Orleans News: 1 Died, 4 Got Injured After A Man Opened Fire During Bacchus Parade Before Mardi Gras

According to the reports, a total of 5 people, including a child, got shot when an unknown person holding a gun entered the festival and opened fire during the Krewe of Bacchus parade in New Orleans on Sunday. Now, the scene has caught more hype because it happened just prior 2 days before when hundreds of revelers will descend on the city to celebrate the Mardi Gras carnival. The officials stated that they got to know about the shocking incident that broke at the celebration around 9:30 PM when they got informed about a bunch of gunshots broke during the parade.

New Orleans Shooting News 

As soon as the news broke on the internet it gathered global attention it is going to be very difficult for the law and order system to get control over such criminal activities and that too when such a big event is going to take place. The New Orleans Police Department Chief Deputy Hans Ganthier in a statement told about the incident where he told that victims include three men, a woman, and a young girl that got struck by bullets. All five were rushed to local hospitals. However, the young girl has been stated as in stable condition on Sunday night. However, all are in stable condition but one of the victims has gone into a critical situation.

As of now, the police are investigating the matter and looking for more clues and reasons behind what led to the shoot. Also, the police official Hans Ganthier in his statement said This is not something we wanted to see”. Adding more to the statement he also told that “We wanted this to be a safe Mardi Gras.” So, as per this, you can take the idea that the police department does not seem losing the matter at any cost after all there were a lot of people, coming from far away just to witness the celebration.

Police Report

Right after the incident, the police took a man (suspect) into custody and even recovered two guns from the spot. In another statement, the officials also stated that they have sparked an investigation to look into the scene and they are searching for more clues so that if there would be any other man’s involvement would be found then they will also apprehend the one. However, more information on the scene is yet to come officially, therefore we would like to make a humble request to you not to please spread any rumor about anyone. Stay tuned to get more updates. Also, this is a developing story, therefore, more information on this is yet to come if you have any updates then hit the comment box and let us know we would love to update the information.


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