McDonald’s First Outlet Without Employees In US: Robots Are Serving Food In McD

 McDonald’s First Outlet Without Employees In US: Robots Are Serving Food In McD

The  American multinational fast food chain called McDonald’s has turned a dream into reality after one of its outlets in the US began the journey with no human staff there, isn’t shocking? Well, here we are talking about the same. Since the modern era began we have been hearing news about robots performing several roles and replacing humans in their professions. Although, the scenario has become reality and happening for a long time. No doubt, some places or professions do need machines which are called a robot. But despite all the technology human is still needed because only human can repair machine, but still, there are many places, offices, factories, and restaurants where machines do perform jobs.

McDonald's First Outlet Without Employees In US: Robots Are Serving Food In McD

There is no doubt that so far most of us have seen artificial intelligence, industrial robots, and machine learning in only movies and while watching them we always dreamed of going to a place where no human is working but the entire place is being operated by the robots. Well, talking about the real reason why almost everyone today is talking about robots and machines, it is just because a tweet went viral on social media and created a buzz. Actually, recently a clip was shared on Twitter where an outlet of McDonald’s was filmed and the reason why the clip is trending is, there is no human employee in the entire outlet and whatever you want to eat, just order through your mobile or installed machines, and as soon as your orders get prepared a robot will come to you and serve the food.

McDonald’s In the US Has No Human Employees!

So, recently a video of a popular food chain McDonald’s was shared on the internet and it started creating a buzz when the world got to know that the restaurant does not have any human employees in it and if you are going there you would be surrounded by the machines and robots. In the viral clip, you will watch that once you entered the restaurant you will see no counters, no humans, and if you want to make an order then you have to make it on a large installed display. In case you are thinking to make the drive-through, then you have made it online. Once you make your order then an automated machine appears to deliver the food.

According to the reports, This is the very first-of-its-kind McDonald’s outlet that has opened in White Settlement, a suburb of Fort Worth in Texas. In the viral video, you will watch that McDonald’s is testing this concept currently at only one location and there is a strong possibility that the company will soon launch the technology worldwide only if it gets to succeed. The company has stated that the location is designed especially for people who live on the go. Here all the customers receive their orders from a conveyor belt and there’s also an employee present who answers their questions.

Netizens’ Reaction To Robots In McDonald’s

As soon as the video was shared and started surfacing over the web it created a buzz and it seems like not many people have liked the concept. While some criticized saying “despite being human on the counters they do not get the satisfaction and now when there are only robots whom will they complaint”, on the other side many people expressed their disappointment over the initiative saying it will leave a massive impact on the employment.

If we talk about the comments then amid so many comments one reads “Ordering a Big Mac shouldn’t be this difficult.  Who do I talk to, if my order isn’t right? A Robot?” while another wrote, “No thanks. I’m doing nothing to promote robots taking away jobs”. Well, if you check the post then you will get to know how people are actually reacting to the technology. Stay tuned with us to read more news on viral and trending topics.


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